Drinking Games for Throwing a Great Party


Whether you are hosting a huge party to celebrate New Year’s Eve, or just want to get some friends together for a night of fun and drinks, one way to get the party into full swing is to play some drinking games. If you are inviting people that don’t already know your other guests, drinking games are the perfect way to break the ice and help everybody get to know each other.

Here are some of the drinking games you can try:

Beer Pong

You can’t beat a good old game of Beer Pong. All you need to get started is a set of paper or plastic cups, a ping pong ball, a table, and some alcohol (of course). Line the cups up into two triangles at each end of the table and split your guests into two teams, who then attempt to throw the ball into the other team’s cups. If the ball lands in the cup, someone has to finish the drink. You can choose to put different types of alcohol into each cup to make it more interesting. This game is lots of fun and can get your party guests relaxing and socializing with each other a lot quicker, especially if your cup measures are on the generous side.


Drinking Poker

Just like strip poker (if you’ve ever played that?!), you play a game of poker and, instead of losing chips, you have to down a drink when you lose the game. You never know, you might find it to be particularly enjoyable. There are always online offers to look out for on sites like BonusFinder.com New Jersey, for example, so you can carry on playing some hands even after your guests have all departed. This game is ideal for the more competitive people at your party, who love to conjure up playing strategies and challenge their friends to a battle of nerve!


Never Have I Ever

This one can really get the party going. In the game Never Have I Ever (there are different variations of the name of the game), each person takes it in turn to ask whether the group has done a certain thing. For example, ‘Never have I ever been to England’, and those that have been, drink their drinks. Depending on who is at the party and how much dirt everyone knows about the others, this game can get very funny, with people’s embarrassing secrets often being announced by a subtle sip or two. The questions can be as tame or as wild as you choose, often getting increasingly more personal as more drinks go down.


Boat Race

In this game, there are two teams that compete against each other to down their drinks the fastest. Each team stands in a line and the first two people (one from each team) must drink their drink as fast as possible; once the cup is empty they place it upside down on their head to show it has been finished. The person behind them on their team then does the same, until the last person finishes their drink and one team wins. It can get a bit messy, in more ways than one, so maybe this one’s better as an outdoor party game!

These party games are sure to add a bit of fun and drunken antics to your next party.


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