Kiss Summer Goodbye with These End of Summer Cocktails in Los Angeles & NYC

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Say ‘so long’ to the warm weather with these summer-inspired cocktails from the hottest venues in New York City and Los Angeles. These boozy and refreshing cocktails are the perfect way to close out summer. So, grab some friends and raise a glass and cheers to the last few weeks of warmer weather!





Sit back and watch the sunset while sipping on the Summer Sunset from Bodega Negra at Dream Downtown. This tequila and elderflower cocktail is super light and refreshing, and something any tequila lover will enjoy.

Summer Sunset

2 oz Milagro Blanco Tequila

.75 oz Elderflower 

.75 Pamplemousse

.75 Lime Juice

Club Soda

In a tin with ice, combine all ingredients excluding the club soda and shake. Strain over fresh ice in a salt rimmed glass. Top with club soda and garnish with a lime wheel.



The Diplomat, $17 – Courtesy of Nikki McCutcheon, Beverage Director at Magic Hour Rooftop Bar & Lounge

The Diplomat, $17, found at Magic Hour Rooftop Bar & Lounge is the perfect cocktail to help you kiss summer goodbye. With Diplomatico Reserva Exclusiva, pear liquor and passionfruit, this semi sweet cocktail will help you wish away your summertime blues.

The Diplomat

1.5 oz Diplomatico Reserva Exclusiva

.5 oz St. George Pear Liqueur

.75 oz Passionfruit Puree

1 oz Demerara Syrup

2 Dashes of Angostura Bitters

Combine all ingredients into tin over ice and shake well. Strain over fresh ice into a highball and garnish with an edible flower.



Pompelmo Rosa, $18 – Courtesy of Phil Testa, Beverage Manager at PHD Terrace at Dream Midtown

The Pompelmo Rosa, $18, from PHD Terrace at Dream Midtown is a cocktail inspired by Positano, Italy. The elevated take on the Aperol Spritz, is complimented with grapefruit and lemon juice and an orange wedge – super light and refreshing!

The Pompelmo Rosa

1 oz Belvedere Vodka

1 oz Lillet Blanc 

1.25 oz Grapefruit Juice 

½ oz Simple Syrup

Combine all ingredients, except bubbles, in shaker and shake with ice. Pour contents into a wine glass with fresh ice and top it off with Prosecco. Garnish with an orange wheel. 



Femme Fatale, $16 – Courtesy of Inigo Salazar, Beverage Director at Bodega Negra

The Femme Fatale, $16, from The Beach at Dream Downtown is a light and refreshing cocktail that any vodka enthusiast would enjoy. Garnished with fresh edible flowers and rock candy, this fun and beautiful drink can be enjoyed well into the cool-weathered months.

The Femme Fatale

1.5 oz Grey Goose Vodka

1.5 oz Grapefruit Juice

.75 oz Aperol

.5 oz Lemon


Orange Wheel

Combine all ingredients over ice and shake well. Strain onto fresh ice in a rocks glass. Garnish with edible flowers and rock candy.



#2, $16 – Courtesy of Pamela Wiznitzer, Mixologist at The Lookup

The #2, $16, at The Lookup is the perfect hybrid between a paloma and a margarita – with added spice! You won’t want to miss this amazing concoction that can be made spicier upon request, and has an additional half rim of spices and salts to add another kick of flavor to the drink.


1.5 oz Calle 23 Blanco

.5 oz Grapefruit

.5 oz Lime Juice

.5 oz Ancho Reyes Verde 

Pomegranate Syrup

Pinch of Pink Sea Salt

Combine all ingredients to a tin over ice and shake. Coat the glass with a spiced rim (salt, sugar, pomegranate dust and cayenne) and strain into a highball with fresh ice. Sprinkle in a pinch of pink sea salt.



The Rizzo, $16 – Courtesy of Phil Testa, Beverage Manager at The Rickey

The Rizzo, $16, from The Rickey, is the perfect cocktail for a gin lover. With passionfruit, grapefruit, coconut water and egg white, ditch the boring gin & tonic and reach for something on the wild side!

The Rizzo

1.5 oz Principe De Los Apostoles Gin

1.25 oz Passion Fruit

.75 oz Lemongrass Syrup

.5 oz Grapefruit

.5 oz Coconut Water

4 Dashes Aromatic Bitters

Egg White

In tin, add all ingredients, including the egg white and dry shake. Then add ice and shake. Strain into a highball with lemon ice and garnish with grapefruit wheel and thyme.




The Beauty Elixir, $16

The Beauty Elixir, $16, found at Beauty & Essex Los Angeles is the ultimate summer drink. The perfect mix of Botanist, Campo Viejo Cava Brut, Puree Funkin Strawberry, Cucumber Water, Lemon Juice and Simple Syrup will have you ordering a second.

The Beauty Elixir

1.5 oz The Botanist

.5 oz Campo Viejo Cava Brut

.75 oz Puree Funkin Strawberry

.5 oz Cucumber Water

.25 oz Lemon Juice

.25 oz Simple Syrup

Lime Chip

Combine all ingredients (except the Cava Brut) to a tin over ice and shake. Strain into a coup glass and top it off with Campo Viejo Cava Brut. Garnish with a lime chip and enjoy!



Watermelon Mint Lemonade, $17

The perfect drink for summer brunch, The Highlight Room’s Watermelon Mint Lemonade, $17 with a mix of Absolut Elyx, WTRMLN WTR and Fresh Lemon Juice, mixed with Mint Leaves, gives you the ultimate sweet and sour taste.

Watermelon Mint Lemonade

1.75oz Absolut Elyx


1oz Fresh Lemon Juice

.5oz Simple Syrup

5-6 Mint Leaves

Lemon Wheels and mint shrub

In an empty tin muddle the mint, and then combine all ingredients with ice and stir. Transfer into a highball and garnish with a mint shrub and enjoy.



Sunset, $18

Located just on Sunset Blvd., 1 Kitchen by Chris Crary’s Sunset cocktail, $18 will give you the perfect hint of spice. Let your mind wander with the taste of Casamigos Tequila Blanco mixed with Lime Juice, Agave Nectar with muddled Fresno Chile Pepper and a pinch of cilantro.


2 oz Casamigos Tequila Blanco

1 oz Lime Juice

.75 oz Agave Nectar

¼ Slice of Fresno Chile Pepper – Muddled

Pinch of Cilantro

Top of Fresno Chile Pepper

In an empty vessel muddle all your ingredients together, shake and strain into a rocks glass over a large ice cube.



Strawberry Smash, $16

Located on the roof at SIXTY Beverly Hills, enjoy the Strawberry Smash, $16, for a delicious taste of summer. Sit poolside at SIXTY Beverly Hills this holiday weekend and sip on this Vodka based cocktail  mixed with lemon juice, simple syrup, and a squeeze of strawberry syrup.

Strawberry Smash

1.5 oz Vodka

.5 oz Simple Syrup

.75 oz Lemon Juice

Squeeze of Strawberry Syrup

Add everything to mixing tin with ice, shake well and strain.


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