MARQUEE Las Vegas Launches Shared Bottle Service Program

Marquee Dayclub V.I.We (1)

Las Vegas – TAO Group launched V.I.We, an inclusive, shared bottle service experience at TAO Nightclub inside The Venetian in 2017 and is now expanding the offering to Marquee Nightclub & Dayclub, located at The Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas.

The success of the program has risen with the growth of the share economy – consumers share rides, houses, offices and more, and V.I.We is an ideal way to share the party experience in Las Vegas.

V.I.We is designed for the guest who desires the VIP bottle service experience without having to worry about securing a big enough group to meet a bottle minimum or breaking the bank when on a budget.  Guests are able to purchase individual tickets to a communal bottle service area comprised of several tables in the venue. For the fraction of traditional bottle service guests can sip vodka, tequila and champagne at shared tables at designated areas within the club. 

Marquee Nightclub is now offering the program every Friday, Saturday and Monday night, while communal partygoers can meet up at Marquee Dayclub for the experience every Friday, Saturday and Sunday.

We have all become accustomed to the sharing-culture, and it makes sense to extend it to the club environment,” said Mike Snedegar, TAO Group’s Director of Entertainment Marketing in Las Vegas, who conceived the program.  “We have had so much success with V.I.We at TAO Nightclub that we wanted to expand to Marquee and also introduce the option to our pool party.

Marque Nightclub & Dayclub is a monumental 60,000 square foot venue offering an immersive party experience with extensive lighting, video and laser systems to enhance the diverse musical talent headlining the venue. The club’s roster ranges from DJ Chuckie, Jeffrey Sutorius and Thomas Jack to Sheck Wes and DJ Mustard.  The Beatwave series at Marquee Dayclub presents a unique line-up of both popular and rising talent with the likes of Chris Lake, Le Youth and Klingande.

To purchase the V.I.We at Marquee Nightclub & Dayclub, visit

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