EFFEN VODKA Launches EFFEN Rose & EFFEN Yuzu Citrus

EFFEN Rose Vodka

EFFEN Vodka has officially launched two new flavors in their portfolio, EFFEN Rosé and EFFEN Yuzu Citrus!

These new expressions celebrate two varied, dynamic flavor profiles that embody the clean, crisp taste people love and expect from EFFEN Vodka – just in time for the summer.

A refreshing, bright vodka, EFFEN Rosé:

Challenges traditional vodka and rosé wine to create a crisp, clean, and fruity flavored expression that emulates a classic rosé

This new flavor is best served with soda or combined with sparkling wine



Created to embody the subtle beauty of Yuzu (a Japanese fruit described as a flavor profile that resembles a combination of lemon and grapefruit), EFFEN Yuzu Citrus:

Is a trend-forward innovation, providing a sweet flavor with a citrus finish

This new flavor is best served neat or with grapefruit club soda

EFFEN Yuzu Citrus


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