CASAMIGOS Celebrates the Premiere of ACQUAINTED in Toronto

Jonathan Keltz and Giacomo Giannotti

On Saturday night, Casamigos celebrated the premiere of ACQUAINTED starring Giacomo Gianniotti (Grey’s Anatomy), Laysla de Oliveira (Locke & Key), Rachel Skarsten (Batwoman), Jonathan Keltz (Reign, Entourage) and Raymond Ablack (Narcos) in Toronto.  The drama centers on two former high school classmates (Gianniotti and de Oliveira) who cross paths again one day at a bar and the sparks ignite.

Casamigos Tequila and Mezcal were flowing at the after party where the cast and crew enjoyed specialty cocktails themed after the film.  When taking a break from dancing, guests battled it out at the ping pong tables while enjoying Casamigos Tequila Margaritas from a self-serve Casamigos Margarita station.  The evening also featured a live performance by Erez Zobary.

The film opens in Canadian Theaters April 5th and in the US later this year.



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