Great Prom Dress Styles to Crown Your Day


It is the dream of every lady to appear gorgeous and sparkling on their big day; be it a party, a birthday, graduation, wedding or a night out.  One area that keeps you browsing the internet for days is your DRESS. After all, who doesn’t want to shine and make memories? The good news is that you can now land to the prom dress of your dreams.

Let’s get started…


Even before you proceed to look for the type of prom dress you need to purchase, you need to invest some of your time in planning. The following should guide you:

Plan 4-6 weeks before your big day – well, this may seem to be a whole lot period to be preparing for your dress. Nevertheless, if you want something which will fit you perfectly, you need to plan earlier.

Get inspiration – there are various trends and styles that have come up in our modern society. Go through a magazine, celebrities, fashion shows, and the internet. You may also visit some inspiration from various sites and outlets for some cheap prom dresses.

Now take a look at the fabric – your prom dress should be fine and luxurious. Some of the fine fabrics to go for include lace, velvet, silk, tulle, organza, chiffon, and satin.

Plan for your budget and get the style, cheap but classic prom dress. You can also have some accessories to match your dress. So which styles of these dresses should you look out for?



These dresses have gained popularity lately having been characterized by their asymmetric appearance. The most outstanding feature in them is their zig-zag hemline which tends to be longer at the back and short on its front. If you love dancing, then this will match your fancy.

Ball Gown

This dress can be compared to A-line (Princess). It comes along with a corset style bodice and a great upper finish to display your body. They have a great flowing waist which will make you the best among your equals. They perfectly camouflage your hips and legs.

The Baby Doll

This is one of the most common dresses among the youths. It tightens across your waist and projects perfectly to hug around your curves. It eventually loses its fitting at the hemline. As a result of being short, they show your long legs and thighs. They fit perfectly when matched with high heels.

Mermaid or Fishtail dress

If you want to show your beautiful curves and back, then this is the dress to go for. It usually hugs a bit tight on your waist, thighs, and hips and then it flares out into the floor. They come in various styles on the upper part either V-neck, backless style, Bardot, and halter neck.

Empire Waist

This dress has a high waist up to your bust line. Due to its chiffon fabric, it is very light and can be used during the summer season. If you are looking for a beautiful and light dress, you have this dress.


No matter the kind of prom dresses you want to purchase, remember the above styles. Now you have a starting point to your dress that can make you look gorgeous on your big day.


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