MAMA LION Debuts Supperclub in Los Angeles

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Mama Lion

Los Angeles – Mama Lion debuted its supperclub on Friday, August 11, offering the ultimate dining and nightlife destination in Los Angeles. The venue, which opened the restaurant in May, will embody the class of the traditional supperclub and apply it to lounge-style California dining and entertaining, with a seamless transition to an after-dinner social club.

With the addition of the Supperclub, patrons can sip cocktails, dine in the contemporary space and then immerse in a complete nightlife experience. The shared-plate menu, developed by decorated Chef Michael Hung, is influenced by both American and European flavors and supported by California’s regional ingredients with new takes on old favorites. The only menu to rival the dinner selection comes in the form of cocktails. A roster of top shelf spirits, beer, wine and bubbles complement the list of inventive drink pairings, custom to Mama Lion. Once the venue transitions to the supperclub, premium spirits will also be available for VIP bottle service along with a late-night menu served until close.

Mama Lion

It’s time to return the true supperclub to Los Angeles, the city in which they first originated,” said Robert Kim, owner. “We’ve preserved the sophisticated standard of gourmet dining and have presented it in a way that can be shared socially among friends. Coupled with the energetic atmosphere of the après dinner supperclub, Mama Lion will create a unique social experience that will allow patrons to enjoy a full night out all in one place.

Equipped with state-of-the-art technology and live performance capabilities, Mama Lion will offer an array of entertainment activations including notable DJ’s, live music and showcase collaborations with Live Nation’s “Ones to Watch – Saja Sessions.” Custom designed drop down flat screen TVs, unique only to the venue, will also make an appearance for sporting events, private screenings, corporate events and more.

Mama Lion combines old-world class with modern aesthetics to create an experience that transcends the eras and revives the celebration of late-night socializing. In true supperclub fashion, the exterior architecture gives little indication of the events unfolding inside. The lavish incarnation of the landmark location, designed by Kelly Architects, features timeless elements of exposed brick and steel beams that are contrasted with dramatic chandeliers, polished gold tiles, antique mirrors, oversized gem tone booth seating, an illuminated island bar, velvet drapes and luxurious lighting. Under Kim’s direction, many original elements of the building have been integrated; most notably keeping the name Mama Lion, a nod to the historic 1970’s nightclub that occupied the space under the same name.

Mama Lion is located at 601 South Western Avenue and is open every Tuesday through Friday from 5:00 p.m. to 2:00 a.m., and every Saturday and Sunday from 6:00 p.m. to 2:00 a.m.

Mama Lion



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