Alcoholic Cupcake Cookbook from the BOOZY Bakery, PROHIBITION BAKERY, in NYC

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Dark & Stormy
Dark & Stormy

The ladies of Prohibition Bakery, the boozy bakery located in NYC, recently released their first cookbook!

The cookbook features over 50 boozy cupcake recipes, allowing you to create some of their signature bite-sized alcoholic cupcakes at home, like Old Fashioned (whiskey, bitters, orange, whiskey soaked cherry), White RussianĀ (Kahlua, vodka, coffee), Margarita (lime, tequila, triple sec, fleur de sel), and more! The book also features some cocktail recipes.

The cookbook is sold for $19.95 and is available on Amazon as well as Barnes & Nobles stores.

Check it out!



Prohibition Bakery
Prohibition Bakery Cookbook



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