GRAN COSECHA TEQUILA Launches in the US Market

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Gran Cosecha Tequila
Gran Cosecha Tequila

Los Angeles – The makers of Gran Cosecha Ultra Premium Tequila announce the launch of their full portfolio of agave spirits to the US market on October 1st. The Gran Cosecha Tequila portfolio includes: Blanco, Reposado, Añejo and Extra Añejo. Gran Cosecha Ultra Premium Tequila is guided by the technique of sustainable, all natural farming culture, which showcases its diversity and boldness in four styles. The spirit is produced by a family-owned distillery located in the mineral rich mountains of Jalisco, Mexico.

My family takes pride in the traditional tequila-making process; we do our part to ‘elevate’ the tequila category with sustainable harvesting practices and in the crafting of Gran Cosecha Tequila. We never cut corners, and we truly believe ultra premium must be the standard,” says co-owner Eli Z. Cardon. “Great tequila starts with great harvest; Gran Cosecha translated means ‘Great Harvest’.

The distinct flavors of Gran Cosecha Ultra Premium Tequila are derived from deeply rooted cultural experiences. In 1936, 5 farming families purchased the Integradora San Agustin distillery along with the vast agave fields where they worked. Gran Cosecha Tequila is slow-cooked in brick ovens for 24 hours before having sugar extracted with twice-distilled water in a 4 mill shredding process. Once the sugar content is reduced, the “mosto” or juice is fermented using custom prepared yeast in copper stills for 4 days, double-distilled to preserve aromatic and flavor properties, and (except for Blanco) aged in high-quality American Oak barrels previously used for whiskey.

Gran Cosecha Blanco (SRP – $45.00) sparks of a bluish-white transparency and hints flavors from blended nuts and olive, with fruits like apple and pineapple. The Reposado, (SRP – $52.00) aged 6 months, and Añejo, (SRP – $61.00) aged 14 months, flourish with a delightful blend of white oak, vanilla, cherries, dried fruit and savory nuts. Gran Cosecha Extra Añejo (SRP –$80.00) tastes of a pleasurable blend of cooked agave, white oak, chocolate and vanilla, aged for 44 months.

Cardon says, “We are excited to expand into the US Market and quickly become a staple at the best craft bar and restaurants in major cultural cities including Los Angeles, San Francisco, Las Vegas, Chicago, New York and more.

Gran Cosecha Tequila is independently imported and distributed in California by TMT Imports, Inc. (DBA: Spirit Animal). Gran Cosecha can be found on shelves at premiere restaurants, craft bars and retailers in Los Angeles, including but not limited to: Broken Spanish, B.S. Taqueria, El Carmen, Petty Cash, Te’Kila Bar, Malibu Cafe, Basement Tavern and K&L Wine & Spirits.




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