W NEW YORK is Getting Tipsy with NUNU Chocolates

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Nunu Chocolates
W New York Presents: Nunu Spiked Hot Cocoa

W NEW YORK presents: NUNU SPIKED HOT COCOA, an exclusive collaboration with Nunu Chocolates featuring three boozy hot cocoa flavors available in the recently renovated Living Room of W’s flagship New York hotel through winter.

The menu created by Nunu Chocolates in partnership with W New York, features three flavors:
– ‘As Long as it’s Legal’ made with moonshine
– ‘Baby it’s Chili Outside’ with mezcal-chili
– ‘Absinthe Minded’ made with absinthe

Each hot coca is made with Nunu Chocolates’ signature 65% dark chocolate shavings that give an intense and aromatic flavor and mix smoothly with the distinct and bold moonshine, the smokiness and warmth of mezcal-chili and the kick of anise in absinthe.


W New York Presents
W New York Presents: Nunu Spiked Hot Cocoa


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