ROK Stars Launches Humphrey Bogart’s Gin

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ROK Stars, the consumer products company co-founded by U.S. billionaire John Paul DeJoria and U.K. entrepreneur Jonathan Kendrick, has partnered with the Humphrey Bogart Estate to launch Bogart’s Gin.

John Paul DeJoria, who is no stranger to success in the spirits business, could not conceal his enthusiasm when discussing Bogart’s Gin: “We have the world’s best small-batch, hand-crafted artisanal gin! Botanically infused and distilled in England, each bottle will feature the name and face of Humphrey Bogart, one of the biggest Hollywood icons of all time and a true gin enthusiast. We cannot wait for people to hold the bottle and taste our gin. It’s spectacular!

My father loved gin” added Stephen Bogart, son of Humphrey Bogart and Lauren Bacall “so I am thrilled about this partnership. For the Bogart Estate to lend my father’s name to a project, we look for a great partner and an authentic connection. It doesn’t get any better than teaming with the co-founder of Patron Tequila to bring Bogart’s Gin to the world. Like Bogie, the gin is classic, no-nonsense, and smooth. Since my father was a very quotable man, each bottle will contain a great Bogart quote.

Robbert de Klerk, who co-manages the Humphrey Bogart Estate with Stephen Bogart, further explained the Estate’s enthusiasm about the authenticity of the partnership: “Gin was invented in The Netherlands and perfected in England and Humphrey Bogart is of Dutch and English ancestry. Bogie loved gin, and it was one of his private passions that he incorporated in his film performances. Casablanca’s Rick Blaine was a chess player because Humphrey Bogart was a passionate chess player. The boat in Key Largo was named Santana after Bogie’s own boat. And gin featured in his films because Humphrey Bogart loved to drink gin. We are very proud of Bogart’s Gin.

Jonathan Kendrick, the British entrepreneur who co-founded ROK Stars with his friend John Paul DeJoria, added: “We believe the Bogart name is a perfect fit to our outstanding botanically-infused English gin. With gin’s popularity on the rise, and given Humphrey Bogart’s on-screen and off-screen love of gin, this is the beginning of a beautiful friendship.

Bogart's Gin
Bogart’s Gin
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