RHOOC Tamra Barney & Fiance Eddie Judge Bachelorette Party Weekend at Azure Luxury Pool at The Palazzo Las Vegas

Picture 1
Tamra Barney
Tamra Barney, Heather Dubrow, & Heather McDonald – Azure Luxury Pool, Las Vegas

Las Vegas – Over the weekend, Azure Luxury Pool welcomed Tamra Barney of the Real Housewives of Orange County, as a part of her bachelorette party weekend at The Palazzo Las Vegas.

Tamra Barney, dazzling in a Gold Victoria’s Secret Dress and fiancé Eddie Judge partied poolside at the luxurious hot spot alongside their closest friends including co-star Heather and Terry Dubrow and actress and comedian from Chelsea Lately, Heather McDonald.

Eddie Judge wow’d the crowd when he came out with chains wrapped around his biceps and hot pants saying “Tamra’s Toy” printed on the behind. He had fun with the novelty shorts and added a shirt and towel to his shorts to “fill out his bathing suit.”

Meanwhile, Ms. Barney and her friends began to dance inside the cabana while a saxophone player serenaded her with his tunes.

The party munched on cuisine by Wolfgang Puck enjoying favorites such as the Margerita Pizza, Portobello Pizza, Chinois Chicken Salad, Grilled Prime Burger and more! In addition, the party sipped on signature Azure cocktails. Tamra even went up and greeted the crowd on the mike and Heather McDonald and Heather Dubrow also gave shout outs and well wishes to the crowd!

Tamra Barney & fiance Eddie Judge
Tamra Barney & fiance Eddie Judge, Azure Luxury Pool, Las Vegas
Real Housewives of Orange County share a laugh at Azure Luxury Pool
Heather McDonald, Heather & Terry Dubrow, Tamra Barney, & Eddie Judge – Azure Luxury Pool, Las Vegas
Heather & Terry Dubrow, Heather McDonald, Eddie Judge, & Tamra Barney
Heather & Terry Dubrow, Heather McDonald, Eddie Judge, & Tamra Barney – Azure Luxury Pool, Las Vegas





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