Exciting Reasons to Order Sushi for Your Catered Holiday Party!


If you want to have an unexpected, delicious, delightful experience in your catered holiday party, ditch the potatoes and standard meal for something truly special. Surprise your guests with a sushi platter. Sushi is not only classy and elegant food, but it is also healthier, and it will leave your guests feeling lighter and more energetic than heavier foods.

A sushi platter is a modern catering option that can bring your party to the next level. So if you are hosting a holiday cocktail party or dinner party, choose to have something sexy, light, and delicious at your catered event. Sushi is not just the perfect holiday food; it has various nutritious benefits as well.

Listed below are the reasons that will surely convince you to order sushi for your next catered holiday party.

Sushi is Full of Fresh Ingredients:

Only a few options in catered foods are as fresh as sushi. Most ingredients in catered dishes are pre-prepared, frozen, and thawed right before your event. However, sushi is made with fresh ingredients. The sushi ingredients can expire rapidly, and stale ingredients will not give the right taste. Therefore, caterers use the freshest of fresh ingredients. The main ingredients used in sushi are avocados, cucumbers, seaweed, and carrots that reinforce the fresh nature of sushi. Such vegetables cannot be frozen to use for a later date. Defrosted vegetables will not appear and taste good in a sushi roll. So, sushi has to be made with fresh ingredients, and it’s healthiest of the other catered foods.

You Get to Use Chopsticks:

Most of the foods are eaten with the help of common utensils like spoons, forks, and knives, but chopsticks are rarely used. Use of chopsticks allows you and your guests to encounter a new experience at your event that involves fun and exciting challenges. Many of your guests will get to learn the art of using chopsticks. Moreover, other’s will enjoy this unique tradition of eating sushi that’s uncommon with other foods. Eating with chopsticks teaches people to slow down and let their taste buds sense the taste of every bit of the sushi and appreciate the taste of every bite rather than eating rapidly.

It Contains Vitamin D and Omega-3:

Although it’s a festive and relaxing holiday party, you still need to be smart with your food choices. Fish used in sushi is a rich source of omega-3 that protects your heart and boosts your immunity and brain. Moreover, fish also fulfills your protein requirements. You will also get Vitamin D which is good for bones and boosts your mood and gives you energy as well. Add some tuna and salmon to your sushi platter to get a big dose of vitamin D and omega-3. If you are looking for sushi platter delivery in Sydney, Nicholas Catering and Events is the right choice for you.

Sushi Offers Endless Possibilities:

Sushi offers something for everyone. Your party may have vegetarians and vegans, and sushi is the right choice for all of them. With such a wide variety of sushi rolls, bowls, and burritos, creating a menu for people of all preferences and diets is easier than ever. With so many variations of sushi, you can flexibly select sushi platters that can surely please everyone.


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