Drink in True ‘Gatsby-Glamour’ with Beau Joie Champagne

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With the highly-anticipated premiere of “The Great Gatsby” (May 10) around the corner, there’s no better reason to pay tribute to the upcoming film by living and drinking in true “Gatsby-Glamour.Beau Joie Champagne is the perfect drink to channel your inner Jay Gatsby. The richly nostalgic Beau Joie was inspired by royalty, the one of a kind champagne that boasts a bottle encased in a hand crafted 100% copper suit of armor. Showcasing an innovation-driven, functional design, Beau’s bottle features an extraordinary copper encasing that was specifically designed for the hospitality industry. Beau’s suit of armor keeps the champagne colder longer and reduces the amount of energy required to bring the bottle to serving temperature and eliminating the need for ice bucket storage during consumption.

With the premier of Great Gatsby around the corner, Gatsby themed parties are sure to be the “party theme” of the year. Beau Joie Champagne is the perfect champagne to have flowing at your next event. Cheers!

Beau Joie Champagne




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