Top Tips to Ensure that your Dinner Party Goes to Plan


If the thought of a disaster at a dinner party puts you off from hosting one, stop right there. All you need to do is plan carefully and follow our top tips to ensure that your dinner party goes to plan. Of course, there will always be some mishaps, but if you are organized, these need not take the shine off what would otherwise be a wonderful evening.


If the thought of bickering guests is worrying you, be sure to plan your guest list carefully. Do you really need to invite your next-door neighbor if he does not get along with your husband? Of course, there are some instances where it is almost a given that you need to extend an invitation to somebody who you may not feel is quite right for your dinner party, but there are things you can put in place to make everything a little easier. Create a table plan, and this will ensure that the usual candidates for arguing are seated at opposite ends of the table. This certainly lowers the risk of the unthinkable happening.


Nowadays, people tend to have a larger number of food intolerances, allergies and diet choices. Therefore, we advise that you plan your menu a few weeks in advance and send it out to your guests. This will allow them to let you know if anything will be unsuitable, and if necessary, you can rethink a couple of dishes.

If you only have a select few guests, then you can probably get away with just having one main course along with a starter and a dessert. You may also wish to consider finishing the meal with a cheese and biscuits course. If you are cooking alone, try to choose dishes that are tried and tested as it lowers the risk of something going wrong. Look through your cupboards refrigerator and freezer to see which ingredients you already have. Make a note of everything else that you will need. Don’t forget to consider drinks either. No one will be happy if they are only provided with things to eat and nothing to drink.

For those who prefer a little less stress, you could employ the services of an outside caterer or dinner party expert to prepare the meal for you. In this case, be sure to choose someone whose testimonials are positive. Speak to family members and friends for recommendations. 


Although it can be tempting to cut corners when it comes to produce, it always pays to spend a little extra and know that you are getting quality. Choosing organic or utilizing the services of companies that you know are renowned for wonderful fresh ingredients will mean that your mail is more likely to please your guests. For example, getting your chicken from is a must for many people living in Europe, as they are known for their high standards. Likewise, many people choose to purchase fresh fruit and vegetables from local farm shops. Not only do they know that the ingredients will be fresh and tasty, but it is also more likely that the impact on the environment will be minimized as there will be fewer food miles involved.


Although it might seem strange, if you are able to produce part of the mail well in advance, then it is worth doing so. Free sample, if you are making soup for a starter this is ideal for freezing as long as you avoid adding cream. Reheating certain items that contain cream can cause it to split. Therefore, we advise leaving out the cream and adding it as part of the reheating process. Be sure that you are fully prepared in terms of equipment and cookware too.

It isn’t just the food that you need to consider preparing in good time, but you also need to think about the table. Setting the table on the morning of your dinner party and ensure that you have plenty of time to get everything sorted. Doing it any earlier comes with the risk of the cutlery, crockery and other tableware gathering dust. Making name labels and adding decoration to the table will make things look more special.


The best dinner parties come with some form of entertainment. This does not mean you have to splash out and hire a local band, but you do need to give it some thought. You may wish to play a game. If so, check it out in advance to make sure that all the pieces are there and you have everything you require. Alternatively, you may wish to have something like fireworks if the dinner party’s purpose is to celebrate a special occasion. If you have your own talent, this could be something you showcase. However, try not to put too much pressure on yourself. 


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