The First Time I Laid My Eyes on Caliche…

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Caliche Rum
Caliche Rum Private Tasting

The first time I laid my eyes…on Caliche…it was magical. I couldn’t describe it. Time stood still. Rum never looked so good. It wasn’t until I first caught glimpse of it’s strong base, sexy curves, and transparent soul of shimmering liquid love, I knew I would never look at another bottle again.

I must admit, I’m a sucker for quality bodywork. Smooth to the touch and far tasty enough to be my number 1.

Caliche Rum is the creation of Rande Gerber, of innovative nightlife companies, Midnight Oil and the Gerber Group, and Roberto Serrallés, Vice President of Business Development for Serrallés Family Distillery in Puerto Rico.

Gerber, with great influence in the nightlife industry, with properties in New York, Los Angeles, Miami, and overseas, and Serrallés, from his family’s notorious distillery in Puerto Rico, is a match made in tipsy heaven.

Check out the who’s who of celebrity fans who stay tipsy with Caliche.

A white rum, Caliche is a blend of the finest Caribbean molasses, distilled 5X. It is a clean blend of vanilla flavor with a hint of oak, followed by notes of caramel. Additionally, the Serallés Distillery is one of the cleanest and greenest in the spirits industry.

Cut to a few weeks ago, and Caliche held a private tasting at Cana Rum Bar in downtown Los Angeles.

Behind the bar was Michel Dozois, owner of LA’s Névé Luxury Ice Company. Michel is revolutionizing the way that society will come to enjoy ice. Check it out.

We were lucky enough to have Michel as our private bartender for the evening for the intimate crowd of guests. We could have ANYTHING we wanted and he concocted each drink based on our preferences. It was amazing and oh so good!

Guests had sweet, savory, and everything in between. Definitely a tipsy and a little bit more kind of night.

Looking forward to more Caliche nights in the near future…

Caliche Rum
Michel Dozois, Caliche Rum Private Tasting



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