If You Don’t Know, Now You Know; DJ Dijital

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DJ Dijital
DJ Dijital

Three quarters deep in the minibar, and it’s about time to hit the road in pursuit of some entertainment and over-priced libations. A hop, skip and a stumble away, we find ourselves at newly opened, Sound Nightclub in Hollywoodwith DJ Dijital on the decks.

Even though we had no article to write or promo to cover there that night, we couldn’t get over the DJ. He had the whole club preoccupied on the dance floor and brought a tremendous amount of energy to the venue.

After that night, we reached out to Dijital wanting to learn more of what he was all about.

Eventually, we were fortunate enough to sit down with him in his home studio in Hollywood.  ALWAYS on the road, the next day he was heading east to headline nights in Miami and the Bahamas. He spins all over the U.S., from Vegas, Miami, the Bahamas, San Francisco, Arizona, Chicago, Texas, etc.

Adir Tal aka DJ Dijital is a born and bred, Los Angeles based DJ. At only 24 years old, Dijital is making a name for himself in the ever-so-popular and growing DJ world and music industry, as he also produces and writes music. He is primarily focused on progressive house music.

Dijital has always been musically oriented, coming from a musically-inclined family. From the age of six, he grew up playing the drums, the guitar, and even his grandmother’s old turntables. At eleven years old, his parents bought him two turntables.

His first real crack at djing happened at his older sister’s cheerleading clinic. They needed a DJ, so Dijital swooped in and filled the part. From there, he went on to dj at Bat Mitzvah’s, weddings, and numerous other events. Throughout high school, with many gigs under his belt, he still never looked at it as a career, and more as just a hobby.

After high school, Dijital headed to Santa Barbara for college. From djing frat parties and sorority formals, he eventually landed at Sand Bar and Sharky’s. At this point, Dijital started making a name for himself and received much respect for his music, so he decided to head back home to LA to potentially pursue djing.

However, Hollywood is a tough scene and if you don’t know the right people, well, good luck.

As time went on, he was eventually approached by Brian Toll, who gave him an opening set at Les Deux. He then went on to headline at One Sunset, was given his own night at Deluxe, and things started picking up.

Eventually, Travis Andres & Gary Mirella from Universal Music Group started repping Dijital at Delmar Entertainment. DJ Cobra then discovered Dijital and brought him to Interlock Entertainment, where he is now. Interlock currently reps the top DJ’s in town; DJ Mr. Best, DJ Cobra, Tony Martinez, MisterMike, DJ Eye, DJ E-Rock, & more..

Next up for Dijital? He’s currently working on an EP that should be released within the next year.

After hearing Dijital’s story, we asked him a few of our typical ‘tipsy’ questions…


Tipsy: Favorite places in Hollywood to DJ?…

Dijital: Lexington Social House, Sound Nightclub, Greystone Manor, & AV Nightclub.


Tipsy: Favorite cities to DJ?

Dijital: Miami for the culture and Vegas for the energy as everyone is there to just have fun.


Tipsy: Major influences?

Dijital: “I find inspiration in positive energy and good times. However, DJ Vice had a big influence on me. I met him at Area. He’s so down to earth and humble.”


Tipsy: Go-to booze?

Dijital: Don Julio Tequila & Belvedere Vodka


Tipsy: Free time?

Dijital: Play guitar, skateboard, motorcycle, sleep, surf, spend time with family, etc.


Tipsy: Best piece of advice?

Dijital: Stay positive, stay humble, stay cool, be appreciative, and always bring positive energy.



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