QVC Red Carpet Style Party at the Four Seasons Hotel

Screen Shot 2013-02-23 at 8.44.28 AM
Robert De Niro & wife Grace Hightower at QVC Red Carpet Style Party
Robert De Niro & wife Grace Hightower at QVC Red Carpet Style Party

Beverly Hills – The stars came out last night for a pre-Oscars celebration at the QVC Red Carpet Style party at the Four Seasons Hotel in Beverly Hills. Bold-faced names who graced the event included Robert De Niro, Heidi Klum, Jennifer Hudson, Nicole Richie, Miranda Kerr, Kristin Chenoweth, Mario & Courtney Lopez, Joan Rivers, Quvenzhané Wallis of Beasts of a Southern Wild , Kristin Cavallari, Maria Menounos, Lisa Rinna, Chris Noth, Jacki Weaver of Silver Linings Playbook, Clea Duvall of Argo, Eric Stonestreet, Gloria Reuben of Lincoln, and Camilla Alves.

This must-see style event aired Friday, February 22 at 9 PM (ET) and featured Hollywood’s hottest designers, stylists and celebrities.

Inside Scoop:

Jill Martin interviewed all the stars on the red carpet as they arrived and it was a QVC celebrity affair as supermodel Heidi Klum walked down the carpet and flashed her Wildlife by Heidi Klum for QVC watch saying, “It’s QVC Time!”. Nicole Richie stunned in a copper and gold velvet ensemble and talked about the inspirations for the newest pieces of her QVC line, The Nicole Richie Collection.

Singer, Actress, and QVC designer Jennifer Hudson strutted her stuff on the red carpet before going to a live QVC broadcast to show the newest pieces from The Jennifer Hudson Collection.

Kristin Chenoweth was saving her voice for her big performance at The Academy Awards this Sunday; however, could not contain herself when she saw Silver Linings Playbook’s Jacki Weaver on the red carpet next to her. The two ladies exchanged compliments, hugs, and kisses.

It was a night of color for Victoria’s Secret model Miranda Kerr who showed up sans hubby Orlando Bloom. She stunned in an emerald green lace dress and expressed, “You just have to dress for your body!”

Also on the carpet was the adorable Academy Award Nominee Quvenzhané Wallis who is the youngest actress ever to receive a nomination. She was escorted by her mother and graciously posed for photos on the carpet before stopping and posing in front of her first initial and QVC’s “Q”. And her adorable dress? She eloquently stated, “It’s David’s Bridal!”

The always entertaining Joan Rivers walked the red carpet after the young Quvenzhané and then head to the QVC broadcast where she was greeted by fellow Fashion Police co-star George Kotsiopoulos to dish on the fashion dos and don’ts of the night.

Mario and Courtney Lopez showed off their new addition to their family, lovingly stroking Courtney’s baby bump. Mario, the proud papa even had publicists taking photos on his iPhone.

Lisa Rinna—who also debuted a line with QVC called Belle Gray by Lisa Rinna—arrived with husband Harry Hamlin and mingled with Kathy Hilton and Kim Richards.

Jennifer Hudson on the carpet at QVC Red Carpet Style Party
Jennifer Hudson on the carpet at QVC Red Carpet Style Party
Heidi Klum on the carpet at QVC Red Carpet Style Party
Heidi Klum on the carpet at QVC Red Carpet Style Party
Nicole Richie on the carpet at QVC Red Carpet Style Party
Nicole Richie on the carpet at QVC Red Carpet Style Party
Mario & Courtney Lopez excited about their new addition at QVC Red Carpet Style Party
Mario & Courtney Lopez excited about their new addition at QVC Red Carpet Style Party
QVC Red Carpet Style Party
QVC Red Carpet Style Party
Quvenzhané Wallis smiling wide about her nomination at QVC Red Carpet Style Party
Quvenzhané Wallis smiling wide about her nomination at QVC Red Carpet Style Party



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