Lil Charlie’s Underground Lounge Was a Hit at the Sundance Film Festival

Picture 2
Lil Charlie's
Lil Charlie’s Underground Lounge

Park City – Lil Charlie’s Underground Lounge in Park City during the Sundance Film Festival was a hit with superband, Camp Freddy Band, performing for Sundance goers. The band, including drummer Matt Sorum, guitarist Billy Morrison, vocalist Donovan Leitch, guitarist Steve Stevens and bass player Chris Chaney played covers from the Rolling Stone, Oasis and a myriad of well-respected bands. Front man Dave Navarro was a no-show, but the crowd didn’t mind. Sugar Ray’s lead singer, Mark McGrath, hopped on stage with the guys to perform some hits, while some lucky lady fans jumped up with them and danced to the music. The band members all raved about how happy they were to be at Sundance and that the crowd was the best they’d seen in a long time.

Actor and snow bunny Adrian Grenier also swung by Lil Charlie’s Lounge. Grenier picked up a few necklaces from Sara Horne Jewelry’s new men’s line right after hopping off the slopes! He was overheard talking with designer Sara Horne about who was better on the mountain, and impressed by Sara’s shredding experience.

Professional gamer and electronic sports competitor, Fatal1ty, was also seen roaming through the Lil Charlie’s Lounge snatching up some of the hottest products around. The gamer, who was inducted into the International Video Game Hall of Fame in 2010, took home TYLT electronics for his iphone.

Rapper Lil Jon was without the East Side Boyz during Sundance when he stopped by. As soon as he walked in, he was greeted by a group of men and women, who were delighted to see him. They took a few photos and then let Lil Jon roam. Seeing smoke in the air, Lil Jon headed right over to the Hookah Portable booth, where he scooped up a few of their top flavors.

Emmy Award winning actor Guy Pearce stars in the new film by Drake DoremusBreathe In, that was showcased Saturday at Sundance Film Festival. The actor, along with co-star Felicity Jones attended the cast dinner party catered by NYC hotspot Ken & Cook and Chef Philippe Forcoili and was seen chatting up his role and time at Sundance with managing partner Artan Gjoni. Pearce invited Gjoni to sit and dine with him and wife, Kate Mestitz, in appreciation of their delicious meal. The gentlemen were overheard discussing their love of good food and company, and how it’s great when they’re both in one setting.

Recipe For Men High End Skin Care Line was also a big hit at Lil Charlie’s…

Lil Charlie's Underground Lounge
Lil Charlie’s Underground Lounge
Adrien Grenier
Adrien Grenier, Lil Charlie’s Underground Lounge
Lil Jon, Lil Charlie's Underground
Lil Jon, Lil Charlie’s Underground Lounge




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