Pucker Vodka Mistletoe Monday Cocktail & Lip Tips

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Many of you may know Pucker as a simple addition to your favorite cocktail, but not anymore!

Pucker has recently launched a whole new line of vodka flavors that will take your cocktail from boring to bold in seconds flat. Pucker Vodka infuses full, natural flavors into four-times-distilled vodka for an intense and unexpected flavor.

Pucker is available in six delicious flavors: Lemonade Lust, Raspberry Rave, Sour Apple Sass, Cherry Tease, Grape Gone Wild, and Citrus Squeeze.

 All six flavor expressions are perfect for those looking to break up with their boring vodka and match up with an exciting and new intensely flavored vodka!

Pucker Vodka Mistletoe Mondays






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