Celebrate the Holidays with Alice Eve and Stella Artois

Screen Shot 2012-12-11 at 7.58.14 PM
Stella Artois
Alice Eve

This holiday season, Stella Artois is bringing Hollywood star Alice Eve to homes around the world thanks to a new digital holiday card activation. Alice’s classic beauty and stunning voice are brought to life digitally as she takes on the role of “Holiday Carole,” where she travels virtually to deliver holiday cheer through song and Stella Artois. Currently live on the Stella Artois Facebook page, fans can send digital holiday cards to their friends and family featuring Alice Eve. And thanks to Google Street View and Maps technology, the recipient of the card actually sees Alice travel through the recipient’s neighborhood before she arrives at their front door. The experience is seamless and quite unlike any other holiday card experience.

Stella Artois was originally crafted for the holidays, so a global holiday card is a natural way for them to commemorate the brand’s heritage.

Stella Artois

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