Tips to Be a Better Romantic Partner After 40


Great relationships are like aging wine as they only get better with time, provided you give them the care and attention they deserve. But it is easier said than done as you experience physical and emotional changes over the years. You may find yourself losing the spark after forty as hormonal changes set in. But a little effort and commitment to strengthening your bond can make you a better romantic partner once you step into middle age. Let us share some therapist-recommended tips to regain your romantic spark after forty.

Stay connected

Life after forty is often busier on the professional front. You may find yourself attending more meetings, working longer hours, and traveling often for work. After all, you expect to work hard to save for retirement at this age. But you can make conscious efforts to keep your love life on track by staying connected. Send romantic text messages to your partner. You may even share a kinky joke once a day to keep them waiting for the private time together.

Find quality time

Besides staying connected through calls and messages, find quality time to spend with your partner whenever possible. Surprise them with a random date or travel plan. If both partners are busy professionals, consider scheduling breaks together so that you can make up for the lost time. Commit to spending the moments on a romantic note instead of discussing kids and finances.

Sleep in the same bed

Bedroom intimacy often takes a blow after forty as couples are less keen on the physical part of the relationship. You may even opt to sleep separately if your partner snores or watches TV until late at night. But the best you can do for your partner is to surprise them in bed. Buy a real whizzinator XXX to get the excitement back into the bedroom. Skip TV, phone, and laptop after you are together in your private space, and make every night special. Age need not be a factor because you can only get better over the years.

Be emotionally present

Being a great partner at any age takes more than being physically present in the relationship. Of course, intimacy is important, but you must also go the extra mile with emotional connection. Listen to your partner and read between the lines to understand their unspoken needs. Life gets more challenging after forty, and your spouse probably needs your support even if they do not ask for it.

Try flirting

On a less serious note, try flirting with your partner to relive the days when you first met. Tell them how attractive they look, share romantic jokes, and touch them sensuously. Focusing on self-care after forty is crucial as looking good makes you more confident and comfortable in your relationship. Enjoy being together and having a good time inside and outside the bedroom. 

Becoming a better partner after forty requires creativity and commitment to strengthening your relationship. Most importantly, enjoy being in love with your person and romance will follow naturally. 


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