Voli Valentine’s Day Cocktails

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Valentine’s Day is right around the corner and it’s about time someone gave Hallmark a run for their money. In all fairness, nothing says those Three Little Words better then a bottle of Vodka in hand, flowers in the other, and the intentions of Real Love. Much more meaningful than some cliché Valentines Day card that thousands of other people have and will be receiving that says “I Love You.” If you want it to be from the heart, some sappy words that are not your own on a cheap folded card will not suffice. Instead, this year, you’re going to do the right thing with a personal touch. Go grab some Voli, mix the ingredients, and after a few glasses, the love will come. You’re gonna ‘Love the way you Love’… I guarantee it.

Check out the Voli Valentine’s Day cocktails below…

Red Lips

Red Lips

1.5 oz Raspberry Cocoa Voli Vodka

2 oz diet cranberry juice

4 raspberries

1/4 oz fresh lime juice

1/2 packet natural sweetener

Splash of club soda

Muddle raspberries, add ingredients, shake and strain. Top with a splash of club soda

Glass: Martini

Garnish: lime and raspberry

Approx 86 calories

Voli Crush

Voli Crush

1.5  oz Orange Vanilla Voli Vodka

1 oz fresh orange juice

Splash of diet sprite

Shake and strain Voli and orange juice. Top with a splash of diet sprite

Glass: Martini

Garnish: Orange twist

Approx  94 calories

Cocoa Kiss

Cocoa Kiss 

1.5 oz Raspberry Cocoa or Espresso Vanilla Voli Vodka

3/4 oz Irish cream liqueur

Serve over ice and stir

Glass: Rocks

Garnish: Fresh raspberries or espresso beans

Approx 110 calories


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