The Koi Sake Bubble at Koi New York

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Koi Sake Bomb featured at Koi New York

Although kamikaze attacks ended after WWII, a new invasion from the world of Japanese spirits is being waged with the introduction of the Koi Sake Bubble, at Koi New York

Inside the renowned Bryant Park Hotel, Koi, the leader in contemporary Japanese cuisine and noted celebrity haunt, is mixing things up a bit. Unlike the traditional Sake Bomb, the Koi Sake Bubble literally creates an explosion in your mouth, bringing your drinking experience to a whole new level.

The Koi Sake Bubble features a solid sake ‘sphere’ – made using reverse spherification designed to be slowly dipped into a glass of beer using a small serving spoon, then taken together as a shot. The gummy-like sphere, which is made with Koi’s own brand of sake and peppered with edible gold flakes throughout, pops in your mouth and releases its delicious liquid center. Bottoms up!

Koi Sake is of premier Junmai Daiginjo class, and is sold exclusively to Koi diners.

The Koi Sake Bubble is available now at Koi New York (40 W. 40th St.) for $10.

Koi Sake Bomb featured at Koi New York











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