Celebrating Fall with Kanon Vodka at Eveleigh


“Back then, charcoal was needed to keep the ovens going for cannon production. These ovens had to be constantly checked and sometimes heated for weeks in order to achieve just the right temperature. Coins, serving as vouchers, were offered to the workers who arrived on time and didn’t stray from their duties. These coins in turn could be used for shots of vodka at a local bar. Thus, perpetuating the area’s love affair with vodka.” – Cheers to the early early beginnings of Kanon Organic Vodka in Sweden!

After a vodka craze and then a 200 year hiatus on alcohol production at the Gripsholm Distillery in Sweden, they are back at it again, and Kanon Organic Vodka was reborn.

From New York Fashion Week, to the exclusive events in Hollywood, Kanon is in all the right spots.

100% organic and locally grown, Kanon Organic Vodka has hit its stride and isn’t looking back. An environmentally friendly spirit every step of the way, Kanon Organic Vodka, made from 100% organic wheat, is distilled only once, from fresh, spring water. The best results are taken from the distillation process, and the leftovers are reused and recycled. This process allows for a smooth taste, that goes down easily, as opposed to the burning caused by other vodkas.   Our new best friend when shots are necessary!

On a recent afternoon in Los Angeles, Kanon Organic Vodka celebrated the fall at Eveleigh on Sunset Blvd. If you’re looking to take a break from the hustle of the city, this is your place. Set back among natural wood, red brick, and shrubbery, it’s hard to believe you’re on the Sunset Strip. Unlike other restaurants and bars in Hollywood, Eveleigh is a breath of fresh air in a city that is stuffed with glitz and glamour. However, the Eveleigh brings it’s own uniqueness. From their amazing city views, that only a few restaurants can boast about, to their delicious market-driven classic cocktails, to the coziness of their open-air, outdoor patio…what else do you really need?

Oh yeah, and take a look at this bar…Talk about fresh fruits and vegetables, this is it!

Check out some of these delicious Kanon cocktails made especially by David Kupchinsky of Eveleigh…

Verbena Smash
Nice Pear
Fig Thyme
Strindberg's Dream







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