Haunting Halloween Voli Light Vodka Cocktails

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As we get ready for the spooky holiday, Voli Light Vodka has got you covered!

We’ve been BIG fans of Voli Vodka all along. As the first low calorie fruit and fusion flavored vodka in the world, it is also the perfect Halloween candy alternative that will satisfy your sugar craving. Swap the candy for cocktails and save a couple calories while you’re at it. Sounds amazing! We’ll take cocktails over candy any day! Maybe cocktails instead of candy on the trick-or-treating path…anyone?

Here’s the best part. Voli Light Vodkas are on average 25 to 40 percent lower in calories than leading brands. Their natural ingredients are expertly blended to achieve the perfect balance of natural fruit flavors and vodka distilled from superior French wheat and pure spring water. Voli’s fusion flavors are multiple fruit flavors masterfully blended together in perfect proportion to create tastes and aromas unlike any other.

Estimated retail price is $19.99 per bottle – Affordable and calorically conscious, what more could you ask for? In a world where things add up, it’s nice to subtract.

Check out some of their spooky cocktails that will keep you in the Halloween spirit all month long.

Bloody Voli


2 oz. Voli Lyte

2 oz. tomato juice

1 tsp horseradish

1 tsp Worcestershire sauce

2-4 dashes hot sauce

Pinch of salt & pepper

Squeeze of lemon& lime wedge

*Build over ice and stir

Glass: Highball

Garnish: Celery stalk, olives, lemon and lime wedges (optional: salt & pepper rim of glass)

115 calories!



2 oz. of Voli Espresso Vanilla

1/2 oz. Baileys

shake and strain!

Glass: martini

Garnish: Cocoa powdered rim

150 calories!

Voli Vamp


1 1/2 oz. Voli Lemon (or Lyte)

1/4 oz. Chambord (Raspberry Liqueur)

2 oz. Cranberry juice

Top with club soda

*build over ice and stir

Glass: Rocks

Garnish: Raspberry lemon or lime twist

135 calories!







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