Revolution by LG/Verizon Party!


Celebrate the Revolution!

Los AngelesThe Revolution by LG / Verizon party went down last night at The Sayers Club in Hollywood to celebrate LG’s 1st 4G LTE Smartphone!

Throughout the night, conga drums, electric guitars, rock violins, and trumpets, accompanied DJ IMG, and dance performances that created a frenzy of sight, sound, and feeling!

Guests included David Arquette, Alexis Bellino, Aubrey O’Day, Orlando Jones, Mekhi Phifer, Ryan Cabrera, Evan Ross, Louise Roe, and many more…

Inside scoop – Alexis and Jim Bellino showed up in a brand-new white Bentley. Orange County Diva Alexis refused to open her own door, not wanting to chip her freshly painted nails. When husband Jim Bellino offered to assist her, she claimed that it was the valet’s job, not his. Arriving prior to the beginning of the event, the couple was itching to talk to press and ham it up for photographers.  After walking the red carpet, Alexis and Jim sat at a VIP table where they sipped on Marani Vodka martinis and Tequila Revolucion cocktails mixed with Zola Acai.

Alexis & Jim Bellino, Revolution by LG/Verizon Party, August 17, 2011
Aubrey O'Day, Revolution by LG/Verizon Party, August 17, 2011
Alexis Bellino & Aubrey O'Day, Revolution by LG/Verizon Party, August 17, 2011
Revolution by LG/Verizon Party, August 17, 2011
Revolution by LG/Verizon Party, August 17, 2011
Revolution by LG/Verizon Party, August 17, 2011
Revolution by LG/Verizon Party, August 17, 2011


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