four loko craziness


It seems like the world has it out for Chicago based company, Phusion Projects, and their moneymaker, Four Loko. No matter what they do, it seems like everybody wants to give them crap about everything. Their original creation of the drink was a highly caffeinated and highly alcoholic beverage. After months and months of reported danger and low fatalities, it was widely publicized that this was not a safe product for people to consume. My position on this is obvious. Drinking alcohol in high amounts is not safe, PERIOD. Find the number of alcohol related deaths and tell me that this isn’t a threat to society. Even so, if you believe it’s unsafe, then walk right by it and purchase something else. Do we, as individuals, need a regulator like the FDA to baby us by taking it off the shelves? I’m sure the liquor stores carry something else of your liking. If cigarettes are going to be made available to the public, then why the hell can’t this?

Do I need to pull out the statistics? Regardless, I do understand the inherent dangers of the caffeine and alcohol combination. Though I am a fan of this combination due to the reasons that alcohol has a tendency to drag my energy down, it does in fact mask the toxicity levels of your body and can make one believe they’re not as effected by the alcohol as they really are. This may cause people to drink a lot more and a lot less responsibly. I think it’s great that the media is informing people of this danger, but that’s it. People are aware and should now go about this responsibly. Pulling it off the shelves will do nothing except make the people who admire this drink have to spend more money on energy drinks like Red Bull or Monster, along with their alcohol of choice. But god forbid they make it easy for society and mix the two in a can to be sold as one.

Now due to the FDA’s ‘crack-down’, Four Loko has switched their whole game up. They took out the caffeine! I’m not happy about it but you gotta do what you gotta do. Now that they’re now just an alcoholic beverage, the media is STILL not leaving them alone. They’re parading doctors in front of the camera saying the dangers are still extremely apparent as if their informing people the danger of holding a metal bat in the air during a lightning storm is dangerous. So what seems to be the problem now? Ohh yeah haha it tastes good. The same load of crap that numerous senators served to Snoop Dog for endorsing Blast by Colt 45. The doctors claim because it tastes good, your body doesn’t recognize how intoxicated you are. WTF is going on here? Who the hell is employing these dudes? If you ask me, I have grown to LOVE the taste of beer. Does that mean I don’t know my limits, or don’t feel my toxicity levels rising? No way in hell.

I’d like to end this with the cliche phrase or ideology that people do not need to be babied, and that these regulators should inform us with the best information possible so we can make our own decisions; not make it unavailable because they don’t like it. If that’s the case then why the hell can I buy cigarettes at every gas station or convenience store? They get off with a warning label? But Four Loko, right off the shelves.




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