Chef Robb Lucas’ Winning Dishes at KOI Los Angeles

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Koi Los Angeles Executive Chef Robb Lucas was recently named as the winner of “Battle Japan All-Stars” – one of the country’s most legendary, “Iron Chef”-style cooking shows. In celebration, he will introduce his winning tuna-trio – tuna dishes paired with eccentric ingredients – to the restaurant’s menu as specials for a limited time only.

Discover the unique fare that won the hearts of his judges, including “Iron Chef” legend Yukio Hattori. The featured dishes are Toro Sushi with pickled watermelon, Butterscotch Glaze Tuna with a jalapeño cream cheese, and King Crab Tuna Roll with truffle ponzu habanero – available beginning March 15 exclusively at Koi Los Angeles.


Butterscotch Glaze Tuna with a Jalapeño Cream Cheese $20

Tuna steak, seared and glazed with butterscotch, sautéed jalapenos finished with a jalapeno cream cheese sauce

Butterscotch Glazed Tuna
Butterscotch Glazed Tuna


Toro Sushi with Pickled Watermelon $20

Toro Sushi topped with thinly sliced pickled watermelon

Toro Watermelon Roll
Toro Watermelon Roll


King Crab Tuna Roll with truffle ponzu habanero $25

King crab wrapped in soy paper topped with tuna and truffle ponzu habanero sauce

King Crab Roll
King Crab Tuna Roll









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