Los Angeles Magazine ‘The Food Event’ 2012 at Saddlerock Ranch in Malibu

Los Angeles Magazine ‘The Food Event’ 2012

Malibu – Over the weekend, the Tipsy Team headed over to the beautiful Saddlerock Ranch in Malibu to stay tipsy & indulge in food & wine at LA Magazine’s ‘The Food Event’ 2012. This was the 7th annual culinary extravaganza put on by LA Magazine, that featured celebrity chefs, top restaurants, and wine and spirits tastings.

Before starting on our journey to tipsiness, we ate, ate, and ate some more. We indulged in amazing dishes from Kate Mantilini, Gladstones, Mercato di Vetro, Michael’s, Mo-Chica, Playa, Rivera, Sotto, & many, many more. Click here for full list of restaurants.

It was then time for the our FAVORITE part – the wine + vodka + beer!

Due to the extensive variety of wine, including Barrymore Wines, Bridlewood Estate Winery, Starmont Napa Valley, Herzong Wine Cellars, and many more, the Tipsy Team tried as much as we could without leaving in a state of inebriation. We stay tipsy.

We started with Ketel One Vodka at their extravagant vodka table and stayed tipsy with their ‘Ketel One Fall Breeze‘ cocktail.

Ketel One Vodka – Los Angeles Magazine ‘The Food Event’ 2012

Ketel One Vodka – Los Angeles Magazine ‘The Food Event’ 2012

We then continued our vodka kick with Karlsson’s Gold Vodka. Karlsson’s Gold is hand-made from Swedish virgin new potatoes in a process that conserves the characteristics of it’s unique ingredients, which produces a vodka with taste!

Karlsson’s Vodka – Los Angeles Magazine ‘The Food Event’ 2012

After getting tipsy with vodka, we decided to go take it up a notch and go all out at the Karma Tequila table. Produced from 100% blue agave in the ‘Napa Valley’ of Mexico, each agave is hand-picked and tested, to ensure that only the ripest agave is used.

We enjoyed the ‘Karma-rita,‘ made with Karma Silver Tequila, lime juice, and St. Germaine liqueur.

Karma Tequila – Los Angeles Magazine ‘The Food Event’ 2012

Next up was the VEEV and Vita Frute table.

VEEV, the world’s first acai spirit and leader in super fruit cocktails, is also the world’s first carbon neutral spirit. 1% of all VEEV sales are donated to rainforest preservation and environmental initiatives.

Vita Frute cocktails are the first line of organic and all-natural super fruit cocktails from the makers of VEEV Acai Spirit. We tried all 3 flavors; Cosmopolitan, Lemonade, & Margarita.

VEEV & Vita Frute – Los Angeles Magazine ‘The Food Event’ 2012

Next up…White Lion VSOA, the world’s only naturally-fermented, single-ingredient spirit, produced exclusively in Sri Lanka from the nectar of unopened coconut flowers. Impressive! and oh so good!

White Lion VSOA – Los Angeles Magazine ‘The Food Event’ 2012

One of our favorite wines, The Naked Grape, was on hand to help us stay tipsy throughout the afternoon. We had to watch ourselves, as to not be completely inebriated by the end of the afternoon – so we stuck to one glass of Naked Grape Pinot Grigio.

Naked Grape Wine – Los Angeles Magazine ‘The Food Event’ 2012

After the abundance of liquor, we stopped at the Drunken Udder Ice Cream table to take a break and cool down! Each flavor of Drunken Udder Ice Cream is infused with crude beer, wine, or spirits! So so good!

Drunken Udder Ice Cream – Los Angeles Magazine ‘The Food Event’ 2012

The Stella Artois table kept all the beer drinkers tipsy…

Stella Artois – Los Angeles Magazine ‘The Food Event’ 2012

As the Semler Wines bar was a hit for some wine & relaxation…

Semler Wines – Los Angeles Magazine ‘The Food Event’ 2012

And of course…to wrap it all up…water! Voss Water to cleanse the palettes…

Voss Water – Los Angeles Magazine ‘The Food Event’ 2012

Los Angeles Magazine ‘The Food Event’ 2012




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