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What Do I Need to Know About Moving with Pets?

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When you have to move with pets, it can be stressful for both of you. If you don’t want to leave your feline friends at your old home, this guide is for you. Moving companies NYC can help you move your pets wherever you want to relocate. When you start packing, you’ll have to consider […]


Alcoholic Beverages That Can Be Beneficial To Your Health

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In moderation, some alcoholic beverages may even be beneficial. Many people believe that drinking alcohol while being healthy is a pipe dream. But, thankfully, there are alcoholic beverages that are not only less toxic but can even be healthy when used responsibly! Because of their low-calorie content and study, the following alcoholic beverages are suggested for […]


HPNOTIQ Launches 20th Anniversary Campaign Celebrating Their Impact in Nightlife, Culture, & Spirits


New York, NY – This Fall, Hpnotiq – the eye-catching liqueur that combines a premium blend of exotic fruit juices, French vodka & a touch of cognac – is kicking-off the brand’s 20th anniversary celebration with a special content series in partnership with GENIUS, an out of home campaign, anniversary cocktail recipes and a brand new […]


Top 6 Delicious Meals to Pair with a Bottle of Wine

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The history of wine-making goes back to 8,000 years spent on perfecting the craft and making new recipes. Wine has class and also comes in numerous varieties with exciting tastes. With wine, there is always something new to discover with its different types. Although some rules regarding pairing certain foods with wine tend to be […]


THE PRISONER WINE for the Spookiest Day of the Year

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Halloween is just a week away, and as you throw together last-minute Halloween parties, check out some on-theme wines from The Prisoner. With edgy and artistic labels featuring works of Goya, these bottles will take your party to eerie new heights and raise the bar for Halloween treats this season. Cheers! __________________________________________ ·       2019 The Prisoner Red Blend (SRP $49) […]


Sculptor Dan Lam & BOMBAY SAPPHIRE Host First-Ever Sensory Auction

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Hamilton, Bermuda – In honor of International Gin & Tonic Day, October 19, Bombay Sapphire has collaborated with artist Dan Lam to host the world’s first Sensory Auction, an event where an exclusive work of art is auctioned off to a fan not with the most money, but with the strongest emotional, sensory reaction to seeing the […]


MAESTRO DOBEL Introduces World’s First Turkey-Infused Pechuga Tequila, MAESTRO DOBEL PAVITO

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Mexico City, MX – Blending tradition with modern-day vision, Maestro Dobel® Tequila has consistently pushed the global tequila category forward as the original innovators behind the Cristalino expression. Today, founder and 11th generation tequila maker Juan Dobel proudly announces the limited-edition release of Maestro Dobel Pavito, the world’s first pechuga tequila.  Maestro Dobel Pavito draws inspiration […]


Cara, Poppy, & Chloe Delevingne Launch DELLA VITE PROSECCO

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New York, NY –Sisters Chloe, Poppy, and Cara Delevingne are proud to announce the U.S. launch of their award-winning, vegan, and sustainably-made Prosecco brand, Della Vite. Italian for ‘of the vine,’ Della Vite is the sisters’ first joint business venture and a limited number of bottles are available for pre-order on ReserveBar now.  Timed to […]


APEROL Teams Up with Talia Di Napoli to Bring the Flavor of Italy to your Doorstep

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In honor of National Pizza Month this October, Aperol is teaming up with authentic Neapolitan pizza company Talia Di Napoli and ReserveBar to offer the iconic Italian duo – Aperol Spritz and pizza – available for delivery straight to your door. Starting October 1, 2021, Aperol Spritz and pizza lovers across the country can purchase ‘An Authentic Taste of Italy’ including all of the ingredients needed to make […]


818 TEQUILA Partners With S.A.C.R.E.D. to Support Agave-Producing Communities in Mexico


Los Angeles, CA – 818 Tequila, the award-winning, sustainable tequila brand founded by Kendall Jenner, announced today its partnership with S.A.C.R.E.D. — a nonprofit that supports Mexican communities where heritage agave spirits are made. The rapidly-growing spirits maker has also moved their production to Grupo Solave‘s state-of-the-art distillery in Jalisco, Mexico. 818’s new distillery partner is notable for combining […]


Get Ready for “No Time to Die” with the Official Champagne of 007

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In celebration of over 40 years of partnership as the Official Champagne of 007 and the upcoming film No Time To Die, Champagne Bollinger has introduced a limited edition bottle and gift box that brings together three icons: Bollinger’s signature Special Cuvée, the Aston Martin DB5, and the legendary British secret agent, James Bond. The limited-edition gift box, designed by celebrated Bond photographer Greg […]


Should You Be Buying Wine by the Case?

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If you love to entertain and appreciate a decent bottle of wine, you may be trying to decide if it’s time for you to start investing in buying wine by the case.  There are many reasons why buying wine by the case is a great way to build up your wine collection, especially if you’re […]