11 Ravens Expands Brand Portfolio with the Launch of a Luxury Sipping Tequila, RAVELLA TEQUILA


11 Ravens, the premier US-based design and manufacturing company for custom luxury game tables including billiards, table tennis, poker, mahjong, etc., is pleased to announce the launch of its tequila brand Ravella. This represents the company’s first foray into the premium spirits market and by extension, its establishment of a new lifestyle brand portfolio.   

Following a successful soft launch in 2022, Ravella will debut nationwide with its first expression Ravella Extra Añejo.

·       A sipping tequila produced in small batches in the heart of Jalisco, Mexico, the cask-strength Extra Añejo has a dynamic, full-bodied taste and is aged for a minimum of 36 months in American White Oak barrels before being bottled at 108 proof. 

·       Ravella Extra Añejo will be available at select points of sale nationwide ($279.99, 750ml) and online on Old Town Tequila Store and Ravella Tequila

Ravella leans into the rich legacy of its parent company 11 Ravens and builds on its success and customer loyalty. 

Founded in 2011, 11 Ravens has placed custom luxury game tables like billiards and table tennis across the likes of The W, Mandalay Bay, MGM Hotels, Caesars Palace Nobu, and has a history of commissions for Rolls Royce, Nieman Marcus Hudson Yards, American Express, Greenwich Polo Club, Rolling Stone, and more.

When I first launched 11 Ravens, my goal was to bring unparalleled luxury to tabletop games. Ravella is a natural progression of that overzealous commitment to perfection,” said 11 Ravens and Ravella founder Michael Zaretsky, a serial entrepreneur with a focus on luxury and entertainment. “Like 11 Ravens, Ravella exudes elegance by its very existence and is an expression of luxury without compromise.” 

The tequila originated from 10 years of research and the passion of Zaretsky, who enjoyed tequila with new friends as he acclimated to social life in America after immigrating to the US following the collapse of the Soviet Union in the 1980s. 

The Ravella team has pursued the highest quality of taste, scent, and experience within the tequila and its luxurious packaging, inspired by the mysterious raven. Ravella’s agave is aged for 7 to 10 years, cooked in traditional brick ovens at the source for 32 hours, and then finally rested, fermented and double distilled.

Ravella Extra Añejo is sold in a special edition case featuring the svelte lines and superlative form of the ‘Raven’ series of tabletop games, a silhouette that, when opened, mimics the motion of the iconic bird (the parent brand’s namesake) spreading its wings.

The weight of the Ravella Extra Añejo bottle cap is heavy with a rich gold finish and is inspired by the Raven’s beak.

The launch of Ravella comes at a strategic time after years of development and extensive time spent in Jalisco. According to the Luxury Brand Index (LBI), the tool by the Distilled Spirits Council of the United States (DISCUS), tequila showed the largest increase in sales of spirits at the top end of the distilled spirits market with a 43% annual growth rate in the second quarter of 2022. 

We’re so pleased to see that tequila is increasingly being associated with luxury, much like wine and whiskey have been appreciated for decades. Across the rest of the world, tequila imports continue to increase year after year, and major luxury conglomerates are beginning to take interest. Excellent sipping tequila, however, requires hand-picking the finest sun-kissed agave. As a brand that meticulously crafts for those who value rarity in its most authentic form, small batch and close quality control is the only way to go,” said Director of Brand Development Sea Zeda.

In 2023, the brand will debut Ravella Joven, its second expression with lively citrus notes balanced with complex caramel and cocoa hints developed from the barrel. 


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