Maison Close Restaurant Announces Grand Opening in New York City

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New York, NY (July 25, 2022) – French restaurant Maison Close is proud to announce its grand opening in SoHo on July 27, 2022. Inspired by the distinct dining culture inherent to France and its celebration of shared spaces, Maison Close will offer an unparalleled vibe dining experience to neighbors and visitors across New York through approachable French cuisine, elevated beverages and a celebratory atmosphere.   

Rooted in the French term ‘Maison’ meaning ‘home,’ Maison Close was created with the interest of the surrounding neighborhood and its residents in mind. Lining Watts Street, the restaurant brings together the greatest aspects of New York and France, blending two unmistakable cultures to create an incomparable dining experience unlike any other in the city. Building upon the revival of New York City’s restaurant industry, Maison Close is a sanctuary for celebration and sophistication in the heart of the beloved SoHo neighborhood. Whether a guest is a native New Yorker or a Parisian traveler searching for a taste of home, Maison Close has created an open yet intimate space for everyone to enjoy.  

Those familiar with French culture will note that Maison Close has an alternate meaning, relating to the ‘Maison de tolerance” of early 20th century France. Maison Close embraces both connotations of its name, celebrating the importance of community while honoring the historical significance of the French Maison.  

Developed in collaboration with DMDesign, Maison Close’s thoughtful design concept evokes the utterly French experience of gathering around a table to connect over food. The intentionally open space encourages guests to celebrate the experience of sharing a great meal with one another, creating the collective soul of the restaurant. The interior of the space is reminiscent of the “Belle Epoque” era of 20th century Europe, incorporating vibrant royal blues, warm dark oranges, and gold and brass hardware that modernize the traditional hues associated with the French theatre. Nods to the “Moulin Rouge” can be found throughout the dining room, from the tulip-shaped banquettes to the collection of exposed bulbs lighting the room from overhead, and heavy curtains allow the space to transition from a bright daytime eatery to an enticing evening hideaway.  

Under the direction of Executive Chef Geoffrey Lechantoux, the Maison Close menu features a variety of sophisticated yet accessible French dishes ranging from elegant apéritifs to indulgent desserts. Guests will also enjoy a selection of expertly crafted dishes prepared tableside including:  

Belle Sole Meunière pan seared with a butter foam  

Cote de Boeuf served with Choron and Peppercorn sauce  

Crepe Suzette with Grand Marnier flambee  

Other carefully curated dishes include Tartare de Boeuf au CouteauArtichauts à la Barigouleand La Grande Tour featuring Beausoleil oysters, Australian shrimps, whole Maine lobster, king crab legs and caviar.

The bar program will feature crafted cocktails including Madame Claude with Grey Goose Poire Ginger, lemon and cucumber juice, and rose seltzer, L’Amour en Cage with Remy Martin V, golden berries, lemon juice, sugarcane and egg white, and La Turlutte with Bombay Sapphire Gin, fresh raspberries, meadowsweet cordial, lemon juice, and Moët & Chandon Imperial Champagne as well as a selection of curated wines and champagnes. Guests can stop in for a drink or a nightcap at the luxurious bar with crafted cocktails complemented by style and creativity.  

Chef Lechantoux brings his extensive culinary experience to Maison Close following several years working alongside renowned Chefs Alain Ducasse and Gordon Ramsay at multiple Michelin-star and globally recognized restaurants including Louis XV (Monaco), Trianon Palace (Versailles), Plaza Athénée (Paris), LeJules Verne (Paris) and Benoit (New York).  

When you enter Maison Close, it feels as though you’ve entered the dining room of your oldest friend,” says Chef Lechantoux. “Our menu modernizes the idea of traditional French dining, and I’m excited to bring a fresh take on this classic cuisine to New York City.” 


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