What are Your Privileges if You are Injured During Your Vacation in Florida?


Florida is a beautiful place that thousands of tourists visit every year. It is famous for beach resorts, warm and sunny climates, nautical recreation, and amusement parks. You may want to plan your next vacation to Florida, given the attractions this place offers. No matter how careful you stay, accidents can happen anywhere. Many tourists get injured while vacationing in Florida. So, they get confused about whether they have rights as tourists in the state. This article mentions your rights as a tourist, especially when you are hurt in Florida. 

Medical rights 

Whether in a hotel or a shopping mall, you have the right to medical treatment. Medical rights are universal, and nobody can deny medical treatment to you; however, in Florida, you are entitled by law to receive first aid and the necessary treatment plan when you are hurt within the state. Your mistake or somebody else’s negligence could lead to the injuries. Additionally, attorneys suggest you visit a doctor even when you feel injuries are minor. It helps in documenting the case and filing the compensation case. 

Right to compensation

When another party’s negligence causes injuries, you can find a personal injury attorney in Florida and file a claim against the liable party. The attorney will help you get compensation for the emotional, mental, and physical suffering because of the accident. Hiring a local attorney will help you better because they know the local rules and regulations. Also, it will help save time and money because someone from your home state will charge extra money to fly to Florida repeatedly for the claim. 

So, after receiving your medical treatment, you should talk to a reputed law firm and hire an experienced attorney. The compensation value includes expenses related to medical treatment, travel, etc. IF your injuries are long-term, the attorney will fight to cover the current loss of wages and future capabilities of earning money. 

Place of hearing 

It is critical to understand that the settlement will occur in Florida if that is where you are injured. Whether your home country is the United Kingdom, Scotland, or the Netherlands, you must visit Florida for the same if the case goes to a trial. Since the repeated visits will cost you money and loss of wages, the court considers the damages and covers the costs in the final compensation. 

The chances of your claim going to trial are minimal because the attorneys are trained to settle the case outside the court. In most cases, lawyers negotiate the amount and try to settle the case. But if the insurance firm does not agree to the amount, the attorney takes the case to trial. After hearing the case and considering all the evidence, the court decides the final amount. The court’s decision is final, and everybody has to comply. 

Subrogation laws 

Subrogation laws are in place to protect the rights of insurance companies. As a traveller, you are also protected under subrogation law. For instance, if your health plan covers the cost of injuries in a foreign land, the insurance provider has the liberty to sue the liable party to recover the amount. It is only helpful for people with a health insurance plan. There are many legalities in this situation also. You need to consult the personal injury attorney in Florida and understand the legal details before proceeding with the claim amount. 

What is the available compensation for the tourists in Florida? 

Availing compensation in Florida as a tourist is easy when you have legal guidance with you. You can claim recovery for several damages that occur due to the accident. Especially if the accident happened because of somebody else’s negligence. The state covers the following injuries:

  • Current and future medical expenses 
  • Current and future loss of earning capacity 
  • Property damages 
  • Travel expenses 
  • Emotional suffering 
  • Physical pain 
  • Mental anguish
  • Loss of consortium and more 

The damages differ depending on the intensity of the accident. The legal prospects are different when you are involved in a slip and fall case. Whereas, if you are injured in a car accident, the attorneys will take a different route to evaluate your losses and get you the deserving compensation. 

Wrap up 

You may feel like you can set the case with the insurance company by yourself. But, when in a different state, it is always best to consider hiring an attorney to fight your case. They have the expertise to evaluate the damages, use the documentation, and create a strong case for you. The compensation amount will cover not only the medical expenses but also help you monetarily for the loss of future earnings because of the accident. 


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