5 Unspoken Rules Every Cannabis Enthusiast Must Follow


If you are a cannabis enthusiast, you’ll probably love the idea of getting tipsy with your favorite product. Expect it to happen if you pick one dominant in THC because it is the non-psychoactive cannabinoid that gets you high. But even CBD-dominant products relax your body and calm your nerves, so they are good enough for a fun experience. However, you must stick with the etiquette to get the best from your sessions without annoying anyone or compromising safety. Here are some unspoken rules every cannabis enthusiast must follow. 

Stick with the local laws

While cannabis is legal in many states, dig deeper to be on the right side of the law. Essentially, every state has a set of local regulations covering areas such as legitimate age and quantities you can buy and possess at a time. You also have to abide by rules for public consumption. Do not expect to smoke anywhere because others may object. Limit your sessions at home, a friend’s place, or 420-friendly locations only.

Know your tolerance level

Perhaps the most important cannabis rule is to know your tolerance levels. It is easy to go over the top when you are a newbie. But stick with the smallest doses to avoid getting too high. You can titrate the doses and find your sweet spot eventually. Even better, keep a journal to follow your tolerance levels through daily sessions. Seasoned users suggest taking a break once in a while as it can reset your tolerance and ensure better experiences with less.

Never skimp on quality

This one is a no-brainer because quality cannabis is the assurance of safe and satisfying experiences. Whether you order online or buy from a dispensary, stick with a credible seller. Experts at 3bros santa cruz recommend that you should go through product descriptions thoroughly while ordering online. Always buy products of reputed brands, even if it means shelling out a few extra dollars. 

Respect choices

Respecting choices is a key aspect of cannabis etiquette, but most people fail to do it even if they have no bad intentions. Be happy to share your stash with fellow enthusiasts, but do not force the others to give it a shot. Avoid creating peer pressure on your besties, and let them take their time to join the party. They will eventually love the idea of trying a joint or tasting an edible.  Be there to educate them and clear apprehension.  

Follow the pandemic-safety rules

A more relevant unspoken rule everyone must follow in the new normal is following the pandemic-safety precautions. Avoid sharing your vaping devices because you may pass an infection or catch it. Also, comply with the social distancing norms when you host or attend a cannabis get-together. Focus on having fun with your gang without risking yourself or anyone else. 

Cannabis lovers can double up the fun by staying on track with these rules. Although no one will ask you to follow them, doing it is your inherent responsibility. Learn the ropes as you go, and your experiences will get better over time. 


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