Holiday Entertaining with Mixologist Peter Ruppert

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Don Papa Rum wants to take the stress out of hosting this holiday season with a delicious, batched cocktail featuring only 6 ingredients! Don’t get stuck behind the bar mixing drinks instead of enjoying the party.

Created by NYC Mixologist Peter Ruppert (Lucien, Pastis), the Jungle Nectar is the perfect cocktail to pre-make the night before your holiday soiree – put it in a festive punch bowl or pitcher and enjoy with your guests! 

As Peter says “there’s a reason why dinner party hosts in the ‘50s and ‘60s only offered their guests drinks from a punch bowl – it’s much more convenient!

Check out Peter’s additional holiday hosting tips below.


Jungle Nectar – Serves 12

2.25 cups of Don Papa Rum

9 oz of Hibiscus Syrup*

6 oz of Passion Fruit Nectar

3 oz of Fresh Lime Juice

12 Dashes of Angostura Bitters 

Combine all ingredients in a punch bowl, stir and serve over ice. Garnish with fresh fruit of your choice

*Hibiscus Syrup – made by stirring equal parts of hibiscus tea and demerara sugar

Peter’s Holiday Tips:

Be mindful of the bar’s location. When setting up a bar for a holiday party, I always keep in mind that the bar will be the place where guests naturally congregate. I like to make sure there is plenty of space in between the entrance of the home and the bar in order to prevent bottlenecking. Get it? Bottle Necking? The best location for a bar when hosting a party is usually the easiest to clean! Not all of us have wet bars and bar carts or even rooms designated for hosting, so do yourself a favor and keep it simple. How many house parties have we all been to that eventually end with guests congregating in and around the kitchen? Whether it’s to get cold beer from the refrigerator or to pick cheese and crackers off the counter top, guests generally feel most at home in the one place where the work is being done – the kitchen. If you don’t have a ton of space in your kitchen, try and stay nearby. The last thing you want is an over-served guest pouring themself a glass of red wine over the new white couch you wanted to show off at your party.

My preference isn’t always a fully stocked bar, it’s a carefully stocked bar. Make sure you know not only what other people like, but what you like as well! Keep the right ingredients around to make the cocktails you enjoy. If there are particular spirits that go into the recipes of your choosing, make sure you don’t cut any corners and treat yourself to the good stuff! If you’re a fan of rum daiquiris, keep a bottle of Don Papa Rum behind your bar so you can quickly and easily shake it up to enjoy some smooth rum with a touch of ice. Last but not least, I can’t stress this enough… OVERSTOCK! You will never be embarrassed for having too much inventory, but if you run out when the party is in full swing, you may very well have a much lighter attendance next time your invitations are sent out.

The most important detail you should keep in mind when setting up and entertaining from your bar at home during the holidays is to have a good time. After all, it’s a party! If you’re panicked, nervous and rushing around trying to make everyone happy, your guests will be on edge the whole time. If you want to give them a memorable experience, plan carefully, put thought into what you’re doing, have a drink, relax and be a fun host! 


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