Best Sailing Islands Around Croatia To Visit On Your Next Vacation

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Imagine this: You are head over heels in love with a beautiful country and its savory cuisines. You are dipping in the soothing waterfalls and walking across the sandy beaches. You may even rent a boat to sail through the prettiest islands of the World. How does it feel? Obviously breath-taking.

That is what traveling is all about. For all the travelholics, if you are looking to visit the place of your wildest dreams, filled with all the adventure activities, beaches, and beauty, then write “Croatia” as the first choice on your bucket list. Want to know why? Read ahead!

An eye-catching coastline and nearly 1000 islands are enough to get you the idea of the enchantment that this beautiful place has to offer. You’d have to say that this is the reason why most travelholics look forward to sailing in Croatia. 

So, be ready to fuel your inner Young Donna from Mamma Mia and write the best travel experience in your journal. Shout along with us: Croatia Calling and visit these incredible places.

POREC – Porec is the island located on the western coast of Croatia, along the Istrian Cape. If you are looking forward to witnessing the beauty of St. Nicholas Island, Porec is the perfect harbor for that. This place is ideal for visiting in the summers. Spread over 10 km of its coastline, this sailing destination is one of the best choices for swimming and snorkeling.

Summer, sun, and beach – what a beautiful combination! This place gives you the opportunity to see various beaches ranging from rocky to sandy to cemented beaches. Did we forget to mention the major tourist attractions of this place? These are Dieta Istriana, Euphrasian Basilica, and the Marafor Roman Square.

BRIJUNI NATIONAL PARK – The home to 8 phenomenal national parks, Croatia is famous for its natural beauty. And to experience the thrill of this beauty, Brijuni National Park is the supreme choice. Not to mention that every national park is filled with amazing serenity, but Brijuni National Park holds the specialty. The reason is – this is the place where you can get truly close to the wildlife.

Having gained recognition as a national park in 1983, all the animal lovers can’t steer clear of this place. You will feel spell-bound not only with its wildlife but also with its astounding sceneries.

KRK ISLANDS – This is the biggest island in Croatia. And how can you complete your sail in Croatia without visiting this island? It has plenty to offer throughout the year. The beaches of Baska are apt to visit in the summers. On the other hand, the delicious wines of Vrbnik are pitch-perfect to savor when the seasonal restaurants prepare it themselves for spring.  

The place which you can’t miss exploring while being on the Krk island is Kamplin square. This square was once the center of attraction for all the city events. It gives a magnificent view of the Frankopan castles, a landmark of medieval heritage. Additionally, the place has numerous museums and galleries. No wonder that many interesting happenings occur here that you can enjoy while visiting.

KORNATI ISLANDS – The Kornati is an archipelago made up of one hundred forty islands spread over a huge area of 300 square kilometers. Most of these islands cover the area of a national park surrounded by crystal clear blue water. Do you know that this place has the honor to get the title of bluest water on Earth seen from space? Thus, your sailing can’t be complete without visiting these islands. 

Filled with diving and hiking activities, this place is a must-visit and a place which you can’t resist yourself to fall in love with.

BRAC ISLAND – The next on the list is Brac island. The largest island in Central Dalmatia and the third-largest in the Adriatic Sea is famous for two things. The first one is a white stone that was used to construct Diocletian’s palace, and the second one is Zlatni Rat. The magnificent pebbly beach at Bol, Zlatni Rat, contributes to nearly 90% of Croatia’s tourism posters. Let us tell you that the Zlatni Rat is also known as the Golden Horn or Golden cape. 

If you are a thalassophile, this place can make you feel like heaven with all its white pebbles and the greenery of pines. Don’t just imagine. Sail through this place and get yourself a real experience. 

DUBROVNIK – The fortified town of the 13th century, Dubrovnik is the marvelous blend of renaissance and baroque architecture. Loaded with wonderful ramparts and soaring spires, this place has everything to offer from beauty to thrill to famous restaurants. To add more, this place has the privilege of getting the honor of UNESCO World Heritage Site.

And you know what, Dubrovnik is called the “pearl of the Adriatic.” It gained massive recognition with the TV show “Game of Thrones.” Don’t you have enough reasons already to visit this major tourist hotspot? So, stop it right there and have the fun of traveling through its charming streets, beautiful palaces, and impressive fortifications. 

HVAR ISLAND – The fourth-largest island of the Adriatic with massive greenery, Hvar island is rightly a herbalist shop in the morning. No sugar coating: this place holds the most lovely vineyards and mesmerizing fields of sage, rosemary, and lavender. 

If you are on a luxurious splurge, consider staying in the hotels, namely Heraclea house or Adriana Hvar Spa hotel. Experience the moments of thrill with the beauty of Malo Zarace Beach, Pakleni Islands archipelago, and streets of Stari Grad, all in the Hvar Island.

KORCULA ISLAND – Famous for its thick forests, Korcula Island is called the Emerald Isle of Croatia. It is located in southern Dalmatia. The key resorts to witness here are the Vela Luka and Lumbarda. 

Marco Polo, the renowned explorer, and writer was born here. His birthplace is located on Ulica Depolo street. So, if you love to unfold the pages of history, you can explore his house. Korcula Town museum is another great place for history lovers. 


Exploring Croatia will take your traveling experience a notch higher with its awe-inspiring sceneries, myriad islands, and diverse culture. So, if you are searching for a place to visit on your next vacation, this is a phenomenal choice. Get up folks! It is time to quench your wanderlust.


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