5 Design Ideas to Create Your Own Speakeasy at Home

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Of course, you wish for your quiet space to enjoy your drinks at home. Why else would you land here?

Let us tell you something – it’s not that difficult. But it isn’t that easy either.

Here are 5 easy DIY ideas that you can use to create and design your speakeasy bar at home.

Keep scrolling to find out.

Install A Wine Cellar

What’s a speakeasy bar without a display of your winery?

Consider installing a vertical wine cellar in your basement. You can also use accent peel and stick removable wallpaper to highlight your cellar.

To complete the look, arrange some bar chairs around a high-rise table, and you’re good to go.

Make sure you also install a rack for all your other bar supplies.

Imbibe Dark Theme

The original idea of speakeasy bars was to be quiet and secretive.

Well, what could be better than creating a dark room for your home bar? You can easily put some dark shades of grey or brown, arrange some contrasting furniture pieces, and install some storage for all your liquor.

Do not forget the lighting. Try to keep it as subtle as possible. Not only would it keep the ambiance quiet but also help maintain the temperature in your bar.

Of course, dark is all the rage in contemporary interior decor.

Mismatched Ambiance

If you wish for a more inviting speakeasy bar at your home, consider colorful schemes.

Choose some bright colors such as green or orange, but don’t stick to any single one. Instead, try to mix and jazz up your bar space with two or more colors.

But, also remember, you wouldn’t want to overdo it. Or else, rather than creating an inviting ambiance you might end up creating a hideous piece of art.

To complete the look, you can arrange for some easy DIY furniture pieces. The more mismatched they are the better.

Create An Old World Charm

Bring back the vintage look to your speakeasy bar with vintage floral peel and stick wallpaper designs.

You can arrange for some rustic pieces of wooden furniture and bar accessories.

Think of it as a walk down memory lane. Collect all the vintage designs that you can resonate with, and include them in a subtle manner.

But remember, vintage means simple, so you’d rather want to choose calm and soothing colors for your bar. Loud isn’t the appropriate definition for vintage designs.

Industrial Elements

Or you can choose a rather modern design to create your speakeasy bar.

Arrange for some metal furniture pieces, put together some greasy shades, and you’re good to go.

You’d also need to ensure that the lighting stays as bright as possible. Industrial looks aren’t complete without bright lighting sources.

Also, you can put up some decor pieces such as a fire extinguisher, or a factory-themed assembly table to complete the look.

Creating your own speakeasy bar would require a lot of sifting through the ideas. But, in the end, it would all be fruitful as long as you match it all with your personality.

If you need a place to start in order to get your creative juices flowing, check out a wholesale furniture outlet for all of your home speakeasy furniture.


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