That STK Vegas Vibe Doesn’t Get Much Better

STK Las Vegas

Talk about chic, stylish, flirty, and sexy – and that’s not just the clientele, but speaks to the vibe at STK. As a big fan of the brand, what it stands for, and what it offers, you can’t find a better new-age steakhouse. ‘Not Your Daddy’s Steakhouse’ encapsulates every aspect of STK, from the energy, the vibe, the clientele, and of course, the food and drink. The best part, no matter which STK you visit; New York, South Beach, Los Angeles, London, Ibiza, Las Vegas, and the list goes on, they ALL offer that same allure. You feel like you are right where you’re supposed to be and right where you want to be. The ONE Group, the brains behind this dynamic fine dining concept, do it really really well.

Even though I could be talking about the experience at any of their restaurant’s, we’re talking STK Vegas this time around. Vegas multiplies any experience x1000. Located inside the Cosmopolitan, the unique luxury resort with ALL of the hotspots, STK is right at home. It’s also, ALWAYS busy. I had dinner on a Sunday night, and there wasn’t an empty seat in the house. I questioned the ‘busy-ness,’ and the waitress responded with ‘this is a slow night.’ So that’s how it is.

We sat down and got straight to business…

Two cocktails came right up; Smoky & the Gin and the Cucumber Stiletto.

Smoky & the Gin is made with botanist gin, casamigos mezcal, aperol, muddled orange, and jalapeño. I mean, it was so good. The sweet mixed with the smoky was the perfect balance.

Smoky & the Gin, STK Las Vegas

Cucumber Stiletto is made with grey goose le citron vodka, st. germain, muddled cucumber, and mint. So light and so refreshing. It’s the perfect ‘night starter.’

Cucumber Stiletto, STK Las Vegas

To start, they brought us their delectable bread. It just may be your favorite bread experience ever. It’s that good. But you must make the effort to stop yourself, or you’ll eat it all.

STK Las Vegas

After the bread, it got better. We had their chopped salad, bacon-wrapped scallops, and yellowtail crudo. Delicious.

Chopped Salad, STK Las Vegas
Yellowtail Crudo, STK Las Vegas
Bacon-Wrapped Scallops, STK Las Vegas

After the apps, we ordered 2 more drinks; their staple and must-try Strawberry Cobbler and Spiced Watermelon.

Strawberry Cobbler is made with belvedere vodka, fresh muddled strawberry with a graham cracker crust.

Strawberry Cobbler, STK Las Vegas

Spiced Watermelon is made with patron silver tequila, st. germain, wtrmln wtr, fresh lime, and jalapeno.

Spiced Watermelon, STK Las Vegas

Now it was time for the main course. The steak; Wagyu Flat Iron Steak, the asparagus, and the creamed corn. The wagyu flat iron steak doesn’t get much better. It’s a given that you’ll LOVE their steaks. No question. But that creamed corn was like a drug. Extremely tasty. I could’ve easily gone for seconds while also smuggling some home. Do.Not.Forget.To.Order.The.Creamed.Corn.

Wagyu Flat Iron Steak, STK Las Vegas

To top off the meal, they brought us their Churro Fries aka cinnamon sugar churros. O.M.G. By this point, I couldn’t move. My body was telling me no, but my mind was telling me to keep going. With dipping sauces of Nutella and a cream cheese frosting, you couldn’t get enough.

Churro Fries, STK Las Vegas

From the cocktails to the salad, seafood, meat, and vegetables, and then to the dessert, this meal filled every taste-bud.

If you’ve never been, you’re doing yourself a disservice and truly missing out.


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