3 Open-Bar Wedding Reception Tips

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Do you intend to have an open bar at your upcoming trendy wedding? You’ve decided that having an open bar is ideal when planning the perfect wedding reception. So anything less just wouldn’t feel right to the bride and groom.

Guess what? There is a wrong way and a right way to handle open bars at weddings. Everyone expects one so it’s great when you can meet their expectations. But if you have a lot of boozehounds in your wedding party or those going to your wedding reception, it could get very expensive. So you have to be prepared when handling this important task.

We’ll look at some very effective open bar wedding reception tips below. These tips will help keep your wedding classy without going extremely overboard.

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Tip #1: Only Offer Whatever You Can Afford

We’ve put this tip at the top of the list because it’s incredibly important. While at the wedding reception, make sure your guests know that you’ve only paid for a small yet very affordable selection of drinks for everyone in attendance. If they want to buy top-shelf liquor themselves, they can certainly do so. If they want to drink for free, they’ll have to drink what you are serving as part of your open bar.

Always focus on being a good host and keeping everything classy. You can definitely serve beer and wine to everyone in unlimited proportions. You can also pick a signature cocktail for your guests to enjoy. No one should feel like they are forced to pull out their wallet to buy a drink, but they definitely have the option and it’s their choice whether or not to take it.


Tip #2: Make Sure Your Open Bar Stays Fully Open

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You now realize that you’ve saved enough money to have a fully open bar. That’s exactly how it should be because you don’t want to open the bar for an hour or two and then take the privilege away. This is only going to upset your guests and put negative thoughts in their minds about your wedding.

You may wish to shut down the open bar early at this event in an effort to save money. But you really have to avoid doing this at all costs. Even better, you might be tempted to stop serving the expensive stuff and only leave the cheap beer and wine for later. Just don’t do it because it’s going to confuse your guests and make them upset once they realize that they can no longer get their favorite drinks for free.

Tip #3: Do Not Let the Booze Run Dry

You want to keep your guests happy, right? You want everyone to go home ecstatic after your big wedding and wedding reception event. Letting the booze run out is an easy way for people to talk about your wedding for many years, but they aren’t going to talk about it positively. They’ll talk about your wedding reception very negatively if you let the alcohol run dry.

So, to plan this correctly, you should expect to have one drink per hour per person at your wedding reception. So, if you have 150 people coming to your wedding reception and it lasts three hours, you need to have 450 drinks available for them.

Final Thoughts

As you can see, there’s a definite etiquette to hosting an open bar at a wedding reception. First of all, you should only serve drinks that you can afford to serve. Second, you should make sure the open bar stays open the whole time. And third, you should never let the alcohol run out by buying too little. If you can make this work you’ll have many happy guests with nothing but wonderful things to say about your wedding reception. So stick to this plan and everything will happen exactly the way it’s supposed to.


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