MALIBU RUM Launches the Connected Bottle with NFC Technology

Malibu Rum Connected Bottle

NEW YORK, NY (June 5, 2019) – Malibu is kicking off the summer season with the launch of the Connected Bottle, a limited-edition bottle that integrates Near Field Communication (NFC) technology in the cap of the bottle and QR code printed on the bottle neck.

Consumers who scan the QR code or tap the NFC tag are directed via a quick link URL to an interactive mobile game where consumers can play for a chance to win Malibu branded swag and also gain exclusive access to cocktail recipes and more. 

It is an exciting time for Malibu as we continue to find new ways to deepen our relationship with our consumers.” said Troy Gorczyca, Brand Director, Malibu. “What’s exciting about this launch is how we’re leveraging our iconic bottle, something consumers are familiar with, and developing a more meaningful, digital conversation with our customer at the point of sale.

NFC technology is one of Malibu’s exploration initiatives in the area of ‘Internet of Things’ – transforming everyday objects into digital touchpoints. The technology allows two devices to quickly and securely exchange information when they are within close proximity to one another. With almost 2 billion mobile devices now NFC enabled, the technology is driving forward the IoT industry in 2019, facilitating seamless added value consumer experiences with physical objects.

Following the successful tests in the United Kingdom and Germany, the Connected Bottle will make its debut in the United States in select markets and stores beginning June 2019, while supplies last. For more information on Malibu and cocktail recipes, visit


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