Legendary French DJ Bob Sinclar Hosts Saint Barth Regatta Weekend 2019


St. Barth – On Saturday, legendary French DJ Bob Sinclar hosted Nikki Beach Saint Barth’s famous Rosé Saturday during the weekend-long regatta celebration. Second only to New Year’s Eve, Saint Barth’s famous Bucket Regatta is the biggest event on the star-studded island. The beach club celebrated the popular regatta weekend with the uber-exclusive celebration on Saturday, followed by the annual world-famous White Party on Sunday, March 24th, inspired by Naomi Campbell’s birthday party at the launch of Nikki Beach Saint Tropez in 2002.  Sinclar performed ocean-side some of the most iconic house hits that have shaped him into one of the longest standing figures in the international electronic music scene.  

St. Barth Regatta Weekend at Nikki Beach
St. Barth Regatta Weekend at Nikki Beach
St. Barth Regatta Weekend at Nikki Beach
St. Barth Regatta Weekend at Nikki Beach


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