HENDRICK’S GIN & Karamo Brown Partner to Talk Style, Confidence, & Cocktails

Cucumber 75 Hero
Hendrick’s Gin & Karamo Brown Partner to Talk Style, Confidence, & Cocktails

New York – Hendrick’s Gin, the world’s most unusual gin, deliciously infused with cucumber and rose, announced today its
partnership with Karamo Brown, culture expert from the hit show Queer Eye. The partnership between the creative gin brand and Karamo, known for his elevated people and entertaining skills and his unique, expressive style, is a natural fit as both Karamo and Hendrick’s Gin embody luxury, quality, and an aspirational yet accessible lifestyle with a sense of curiosity and wanderlust.

The partnership, a first of its kind for Hendrick’s Gin, culminated in an array of digital content in which Karamo and Hendrick’s Gin Ambassador, Mattias Horseman, share their tips on style and cocktail culture as well as dive deeply into getting to know one another – all while sharing a variety of delicious Hendrick’s Gin cocktails.

Karamo Brown has been a fan of Hendrick’s Gin long before his starring role on Queer Eye and when the brand noticed his expertise in all things culture, it only seemed appropriate that Hendrick’s Gin and Karamo partner to share insights with fans. The photo and video content will appear across Hendrick’s Gin and Karamo’s social channels allowing fans of both the gin and Karamo to learn more about this special pairing.

Some highlights from the video series include a cocktail making demonstration in which Mattias teaches Karamo how to make a delicious, celebratory Hendrick’s Gin cocktail, the Cucumber 75, a riff on the classic French 75. Also included is a discussion between the two dapper gentlemen on personal style and how it impacts their life and overall sense of confidence—plus, the two reflect and bond over the first time they had Hendrick’s Gin—to a surprising and amusing conclusion!

Hendrick’s Gin & Karamo Brown Partner to Talk Style, Confidence, & Cocktails
Hendrick’s Gin & Karamo Brown Partner to Talk Style, Confidence, & Cocktails


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