FNKTION Launches in the US Over Halloween Weekend with Alessandra Torregani & Jhart

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FNKTION Launches in the US Over Halloween Weekend with Alessandra Torregani & Jhart

Los Angeles, CA – Actress Alessandra Torregani hosted her “Candyland” Halloween bash with fnktion on Friday, October 27th in a circular Glass House in Beverly Hills. Alessandra used party platform fnktion to easily hire attractive bartenders last minute for her fete. The actress dressed up as a green dinosaur while boyfriend actor/producer Sturgis Adams joined in the festivities dressed as a Jurrasic Park ranger. Giant, illuminated Tron men on stilts and evil dancing fairies roamed the party while guests were treated to poolside cotton candy machines and three bars, manned by fnktion bartenders Alessandra gushed about her fnktion staff: “I love love love Matt and Victoria! And so did all of my guests! They were so sweet, helpful and brought so much to the party!! We are all going to be using them again!!!

Additional VIP guests at Alessandra Torregani’s Candyland party with fnktion included: EJ Johnson who dressed up as Helen of Troy, the Bachelorette’s Chase McNary who dressed as Steve Erwin, Kyle Bryan who came as Kim Kardashian, Jasmine Goode who dressed as a devil, Alexis Waters who dressed as masked bank robber, Rachel Lindsay who dressed as playboy bunny with Hef, Whitney Fransway who dressed up as Jasmine from Aladin, Scheana, Jimmy Tatro, King Bach donned a bear onesie, Teala Dunn and many more.

FNKTION Launches in the US Over Halloween Weekend with Alessandra Torregani & Jhart

Keeping the party alive through Halloween weekend, fnktion also helped British multi-platinum selling, Grammy nominated singer/songwriter James “Jhart” Abrahart to staff his “End of the World” Halloween party on Saturday, October 28th. Going all-out with the décor in his private residence, guests were welcomed by a geiger counter at the entry, which was taped up like a nuclear zone. The front door had to be unzipped to get into the decontamination zone.

Guests enjoyed cocktails at the bar, staffed by attractive fnktion bartenders and all were loving the photobooth in JHart’s backyard, which was set up like a base camp, even including props such as grenades and arsenal!

Additional VIP guests include Matthew Hussey who dressed as Clark Kent/Superman and Betty Who who came as Xena, Pentatonix, Daya, Conrad Sewell, Justin Tranter, Mike Caren, Jeff Fenster, Ben Pierce, Sabrina Claudio, Julia Michaels and many more.

FNKTION Launches in the US Over Halloween Weekend with Alessandra Torregani & Jhart
FNKTION Launches in the US Over Halloween Weekend with Alessandra Torregani & Jhart



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