“Some Drinks Fake It, We Make It, For Real” – TIPSY TOUR with BUNDABERG BREWED DRINKS

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Over the weekend, Tipsy Diaries hit the streets of Los Angeles with BUNDABERG BREWED DRINKS.

If you’ve never heard of Bundaberg, we are going to enlighten you and tell you why you MUST TRY one of our new favorite beverages. It’s non-alcoholic (we’re not always tipsy), but each of it’s flavors; Ginger Beer (it’s claim to fame), Pink Grapefruit, Guava, Blood Orange, Root Beer, Peach, & Lemon, Lime, & Bitters can all be mixed into our favorite cocktails!

BUNDABERG Brewed Drinks

Let’s start from the beginning – BUNDABERG, made in Bundaberg, Queensland (Australia), is made using real ingredients like locally sourced ginger and sugarcane, herbs, & spices, and carefully craft-brewed over three days for exceptional taste, and YOU CAN TELL.

We aren’t exaggerating. Each flavor is SO BIG and SO TASTY.

The glass bottle also adds to it’s integrity, making it one of the best non-alcoholic drinks available. We’re serious. Insider tip: the secret to unlocking the flavor is the flip, rip, sip ritual – invert the bottle before opening to let the ingredients infuse throughout.

Words can only do so much, and you have to just try it for yourself. We promise you, you won’t be disappointed.

When we first tried Bundaberg, we tried it without the tipsiness added. It was straight up! We loved it. That’s when we decided to set ourselves up on a Tipsy Tour around Los Angeles to find out how bartender’s around the city are mixing it up in their cocktails.

For the most part, the Bundaberg Ginger Beer (claim to fame), is everywhere around town.

Check it out…



We started out on this oh so flavorful tipsy tour at The Overflow in Downtown LA. This intimate, stylish, candlelit bar offers a variety of wines, cocktails, & light fare, amid a backdrop of local artwork.

Mike was behind the bar and mixed us up a variation of a Paloma, made with Bundaberg Ginger Beer. Tequila, Grapefruit, & Bundaberg. The Bundaberg added a shot of flavor into the very refreshing, sweet, & slightly tart cocktail. We loved it.

Paloma w. Bundaberg Ginger Beer


Our next stop was the newly opened Rhythm Roomright around the corner from The Overflow. If we didn’t hear about this spot previously, it may have never been on our radar. This subterranean, charming speakeasy, rich with history (the building goes wayyyy back), offers regular jazz, billiards, games, & occasional dancing.

After descending the stairs into the bar area, you’ll see a large area for billiards, darts, chess, shuffleboard, ping pong, and a stage for their nightly jazz nights.

The cocktail menu was also impressive, everything made with the freshest ingredients.

We opted for their Black Cow Mule, made with Black Cow Milk Vodka (made entirely from the milk of grass grazed cows, and nothing else), Lime, & Bundaberg Ginger Beer.

Black Cow Mule


After the Rhythm Room, we headed into Hollywood to Three Clubs. This local neighborhood bar offers up classic cocktails along with a range of entertainment, including, live music, theatre, cabaret, & burlesque. With an old-Hollywood vibe, this has become our new favorite spot.

Michael Neff was behind the bar and mixed me up the Irish Mewl, made with Bundaberg Ginger Beer. Michael, a bartender, mixologist, entrepreneur, & spirits professional has opened up various bars in New York and Los Angeles. I can’t wait to head back in and try more of his drinks.

Irish Mewl


Next up was the historic Culver Hotel.

Located in the heart of downtown Culver City, with its vintage glamour, artful design, and dash of European ambiance, this intimate hotel was built in 1924 and once owned by John Wayne.

With a rich and romantic past, you feel like you’ve been transported back to 50’s, having hosted cast members from iconic movies such as Gone with the Wind and The Wizard of Oz.

As we strolled up to the bar, Bundaberg was on our mind, and a Garden Mule was mixed right up!

Made with Hangar One Vodka, fresh lime juice, muddled cucumber, Bundaberg Ginger Beer, and rosemary sprig. It was a refreshing variation of a moscow mule.

Garden Mule


For our last stop with Bundaberg Brewed Drinks, we headed to the beach, to Duke’s Malibu to be exact. With ocean views and Hawaiian cuisine, we posted up at the bar and took back another Moscow Mule made with Bundaberg.

Moscow Mule


That’s it. 5 venues, moscow mules, variations of the mule, and a Paloma cocktail made for a very tipsy Bundaberg experience around Los Angeles.

Like I mentioned, Bundaberg is a must-try. The flavor in each of it’s many flavors is over-the-top. Then mixing it up with some booziness just makes the cocktails THAT much more flavorful. We’re not exaggerating. It’s THAT good.

If you feel the urge to give it a try and get on our level, send us your Bundaberg cocktail shots! We’ll share them on our feeds!




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