Mike’s Hard Lemonade Holiday Mixer & Hard Chocolate Cherry Launch

Picture 3
Mike’s Hard Lemonade Holiday Mixer – Spooky Thanksgiving Table

New York – On Wednesday night, Mike’s Hard Lemonade mixed up the holidays at the launch of their newest flavor, Hard Chocolate Cherry, and their first ever holiday variety pack – the Mike’s Hard Lemonade WINTER GRAB BAG!

It was a colorful, unique, mix and match of all the holidays (Halloween through New Year’s) with guests enjoying Santa’s sleigh, mixed up decorations abound, and of course plenty of ice cold Mike’s Hard Lemonade.

Served at the party were four flavors of mike’s: the new Hard Chocolate Cherry, Winter Blackberry, Hard Cranberry Lemonade, and Mike’s signature Hard Lemonade. There was a spooky thanksgiving table set up as well as creepy Christmas with crows as tree toppers instead of a boring old star, mixed with a dash of happy new year in the form of an oversized champagne glass filled with steel “bubbles” and a sprinkle of Hanukah gelt!

Crazy holiday lights and dangling decorations “rep-ing” the holidays were abound! There was a giant sleigh for pictures with a New Year’s Times Square back drop with some kooky props to spice up the pics!

Cheers to the holidays!

Mike’s Hard Lemonade Holiday Mixer
Mike’s Hard Lemonade Holiday Mixer
Mike’s Hard Lemonade Holiday Mixer





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