DADA LIFE Breaks New Ground with Launch of DADA LIFE CHAMPAGNE

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Dada Life Champagne

DADA LIFE–the acclaimed Swedish headlining DJ duo known for their extravagant live experiences, renowned music in the dance community and production plug-ins used by their peers in the EDM landscape–have done it once again, going where no one else has and achieving the unexpected as they announced DADA LIFE CHAMPAGNE, marking the duo as the first musical act to release a champagne in their namesake. The story, which exclusively broke yesterday (6/28) on, details the Brut Reserve that’s personally crafted by Olle Cornéer and Stefan Engblom of DADA LIFE and imported from Champagne, France.

DADA LIFE CHAMPAGNE can be purchased now at:

We’ve been dreaming about creating our own champagne for years now, but it was much more complicated than we first thought,” says Olle of DADA LIFE about the three-year process creating DADA LIFE CHAMPAGNE. “First we had to find the right people to work with. We needed a reliable importer in the U.S. as well as a quality producer in Champagne, France to create a proper champagne. We tasted and tested dozens of different qualities and styles of champagne.

Ultimately we wanted a light, summer feeling and I think we have nailed it,” adds Olle. “It tastes amazing! After finalizing every aspect of the champagne, we had no idea that we needed it to be approved by this board of people in France. They literally monitor and approve every bottle that leaves the country! First they were like ‘no way!’ After several more conversations we have found a way and now we’re ready to present it to you: our own champagne. Real champagne; made in France. Amazing to drink and amazing to spray. Don’t forget the bananas.

The vines for DADA LIFE CHAMPAGNE were planted in the 1980s within the Marne Valley and Côte des Bars regions of Champagne. Harvested by hand annually, DADA LIFE’s Brut Reserve is a traditional blend of Pinot Noir, Pinot Meunier, and Chardonnay. Produced and aged via Methode Champenoise, the champagne gleams with sparkling pale gold hues and entices with ripe apricot and citrus aromas. The palate bursts full of happy fruits and finishes harmoniously with spicy rage. While typically enjoyed as an aperitif, between 45 to 50°F, Olle and Stefan also encourage celebratory spraying. For full enjoyment, pair with bananas.

Dada Life Champagne


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