Domingo Zapata’s Art Basel Silent Auction with GRAN CENTENARIO TEQUILA at WALL Miami Beach

Screen Shot 2015-12-07 at 1.06.22 PM
Brittany Christian & Domingo Zapata
Brittany Christian & Domingo Zapata

Miami, FL – On Saturday night at Wall, famed artist Domingo Zapata (aka the new Andy Warhol) and Gran Centenario Tequila collaborated on the “Angels on Earth” private event that featured two angel wings painted by Domingo and silent auctioned off to collectors and art enthusiasts as they sipped on Gran Centenario Tequila cocktails.

Proceeds came in at a little over $10,000 to be donated to Miami art organizations and Miami Children’s Hospital.

A celeb favorite whose collectors include Johnny Depp & Leo DiCaprio, Domingo arrived with his gorgeous girlfriend and chatted with New York and now Miami “it” boy Fabian Basabe who gave a rousing speech to attendees to bid mostly by promising a kiss from the beautiful models present sporting angel wings.

Domingo was also on hand earlier in the week to debut Actor Adrien Brody’s work alongside his own on Wednesday for Art Basel.

Domingo Zapata
Domingo Zapata
Domingo Zapata
Domingo Zapata
Domingo Zapata & Fabian Basabe1
Domingo Zapata and Fabian Basabe
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