EDL & HCH Hospitality Groups Join Forces to Open AUBERGINE and NOBLE 33 at Sunset Plaza in Los Angeles

Screen Shot 2015-12-02 at 2.27.46 PM
Sylvain Bitton, Tosh Berman, J.T. Torregiani, & Amrou Manaseer

Los Angeles – EDL Partners (EDL), owned and operated by Tosh Berman and Amrou Manaseer, have partnered with Sylvain Bitton, David Jarrett, and J.T. Torregiani of Horse & Carriage Hospitality (HCH) to create Aubergine and Noble 33, set to open mid-2016 in the multi-level compound at 8720 Sunset Blvd, West Hollywood, CA 90046.

By joining forces, the hospitality groups will combine their culinary and nightlife expertise to create an iconic restaurant, lounge and event space at Sunset Plaza. Serving as a modern organic Mediterranean brasserie, Aubergine, with its lush street level patio, will feature a menu of free-range and grass-fed meats, sustainable seafood, and farm-fresh produce in a visually stunning environment. In keeping with EDL’s culinary philosophy, expect an accessible take on Eastern Mediterranean dishes with refined flavors and exceptional ingredients, as well as a separate menu for its vegan and vegetarian clientele.

Amrou and I grew up in Eastern Mediterranean households, so we’ve always had an appreciation for the region’s cuisine,” says co-founder of EDL Tosh Berman. “Being able to create our take on our favorite dishes is an exciting project for us.” “Our goal with Aubergine is to build an institution. We’ve put together a really incredible team for this project and this space deserves nothing less,” adds co-founder of EDL Amrou Manaseer.

Noble 33 will be a private lounge, and as such, details of the project will not be forthcoming.

We are absolutely thrilled to partner with EDL and to formally announce our newest joint-venture together at Sunset Plaza,” says JT Torregiani, one of the founding partners of Horse & Carriage Hospitality. “Our companies share a widely successful track record in the hospitality world and we look forward to bringing that world-class experience to our guests at Aubergine and Noble 33.

EDL’s current portfolio includes Toca Madera West Hollywood and San Diego, as well as CAKE San Diego and Scottsdale.

HCH’s principals currently serve as operating partners at Warwick, Maia, Aventine and Beso.



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