Snoop Dogg Announces Residency at TAO Las Vegas

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Snoopadelic Cabaret at TAO Las Vegas
Snoopadelic Cabaret at TAO Las Vegas

Las Vegas – Known for bringing first-to-market ideas to the nightlife industry, TAO Group continues to innovate, announcing a collaboration with Snoop Dogg for an exclusive six-date DJ and performance residency at TAO Las Vegas. The venue will transform into The Snoopadelic Cabaret, a roaring twenties themed night brought to life by the one and only Snoop Dogg as the Master of Ceremonies. Snoop Dogg, whose resume as DJ Snoopadelic has become infamous in the party industry, will headline each night with a special curated DJ set, along with a live performance of some hit songs. Throughout the night, guests will be treated to exclusive specialty acts and dance performances.  This unique affair will mark the first residency for a hip hop artist in Las Vegas designed around an audio, visual and performance production that will create the all-encompassing guest experience that is the hallmark of TAO Group.

I’m excited to partner with the TAO team for these special classy events,” said Snoop Dogg.  “This summer is going to be epic and I can’t wait to give Vegas that real Snoopadelic Cabaret vibe.

Snoop Dogg will take partygoers through a night filled with discovery moments and period-influenced entertainment, backed by custom costumes, décor and distinct moments fueled by specialty cocktails of the era. Guests are encouraged to dress classy for the night and social media promotions and contests will give them the unique opportunity to become a part of the cabaret. Each night will include an exclusive password promoted on TAO’s social media, @TAOLasVegas, for limited access to The Snoopadelic Cabaret through a secret back door entry during the night.

The residency will debut on Saturday, May 3, after the Mayweather – Maidana fight, with the second event roaring into TAO on Sunday, May 25. The Snoopadelic Cabaret will have additional dates that will be announced throughout the summer and fall seasons. The Snoopadelic Cabaret will be produced by TAO, in conjunction with Snoop’s life event production company, Uncle Snoop’s Army.



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